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Bathroom Remodeling & Walk-In Closets

If you have a bathroom remodeling  that needs to be renewed, rather than wait for a vacation to make a special trip to enjoy the luxury of a spa-like bathroom to relax and renew, many people are opting for a bathroom remodeling Phoenix makeover to enjoy their own personal retreat.

Cook Remodeling says, Make your bathroom a great place to begin and end the day!

Oftentimes we are so accustomed to the gradual aging of the bathroom, we don’t notice or know what to look for to indicate it is time for a bathroom remodel:

  • Is your bathtub or bathroom sink chipped, dull, or scratched?
  • Do you have a problem of growth of mold in your grout? (that could be a sign of a leak)
  • Do your bathroom cabinets lack the storage, look, and quality that you want?
  • Do you have an efficient toilet?  Does your shower head and faucets conserve water?    Are they Water Sense Certified?
  • Is your lighting source only from above? (which emphasizes wrinkles!)
  • Are you satisfied with the exhaust fan?

Some Dream Ideas:

  • Would you like to have radiant floor heating that warms the tile and room?
  • Do you want a walk in shower without grout lines?
  • Do you want a multi jet, waterfall or rain shower experience?
  • A soaking tub that massages with air jets?
  • A steam shower (I know it gets hot in Phoenix, but you can purposefully sweat out toxins, and then rinse with cold water to shrink those pores!).
  • Install a luxurious Tornado Body Dryer for a soothing after-shower experience.

Some consumers underestimate the process for  bathroom remodeling, thinking if they buy products at a home improvement center, they can get the same results as what a successful design-build remodeling company can obtain. Wrong! It may not help your remodeling budget, and may end up costing more long term.  An experienced remodeling contractor who has established sources can secure a higher quality product for a better price, providing years of enjoyment.  You can set yourself apart from other homes in your neighborhood by utilizing an experienced bathroom design professional.  Did you know how a bathroom design layout can impact your family’s health, and can even promote contagion?    Do you want to run the risk of the frustration of costly errors (including leaks and mold growth), delays, and cost overruns?

A helpful way to get started is by gathering pictures of how you’d like your bathroom remodel to look.  It will help you define for yourself what you want for the end result, and communicate to  your professional designer your style and preferences.  You can gather pictures online by setting up an account at so you save the photos of bathrooms you like, with comments in your own idea book.  Another popular site is Pinterest.  They provide tools that you can grab copies of photos you like that are available online to your own board, and make comments.  You can get a jump start with the photos we have gathered in our pinterest board, Best in Bathrooms.

You may also want to consider designing for a well planned walk-in closet that will have the hanging, shelf, and drawer storage space you need to organize getting ready for your day. Conveniences such as a built in ironing board, baskets for dark and light laundry, staging for packing for trips are the touches that makes a difference in making life more organized, and easier.

Cook Remodeling will give you the peace of mind of a reputable design build company with decades of experience and commitment to ongoing professional training on the latest innovative products. Your great remodeling experience will not only be in the details of a site analysis and customized design, but in the precision of scheduling and installation. You will be much happier and enjoy the results sooner!

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Cook RemodelingBathroom Remodeling Client Reviews

The staff at Cook Remodeling is excellent to work with. Always felt comfortable with their people. Excellent quality and very helpful when we were in the initial stages of design.

Jim & Kathy W.        Multiple Bathroom Remodel in Sun Lakes, AZ

What excellent work!  Cook Remodeling’s employees were always courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. The carpenters always maintained a professional & productive work environment. Cook Remodeling goes above & beyond. I rate them a “10”, and I don’t give a 10 lightly.

Terry & Barbara L.     Multiple Bathroom Remodel in Sun Lakes, AZ

Not only did we gain all the elements we wanted for our master bathroom remodel, Cook Remodeling’s smart design was so functional for our needs, and the use of natural lighting makes our new addition so beautiful and inviting. Our Project Manager did an outstanding job on our project!!! Cook Remodeling does excellent work.

The Smiths

Sitting Room Addition, Walk-In Closet and Master Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix, AZ (Ahwatukee)

The experience was great, which is unusual for remodeling. The price was reasonable, and the work was finished on time and really fast, which I think is very important. We highly recommend Cook Remodeling.

Kenneth & Jane S.        Multiple Bathroom Remodel in Sun Lakes, AZ

Working with Cook Remodeling has been a pleasure. We are so glad we heard about you. Our new master bathroom looks beautiful.

Russell & Margaret H.J.       Master Bath Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

Cook Remodeling provides excellent service, quality workmanship. We’ve had happy results each time.

Tom & Gail J.         Closet and Multiple Bathroom Remodel in Sun Lakes, AZ

The workers were professional. Everyday they came on time! What a positive, peace of mind remodeling experience. The bathroom looks great thanks to Cook Remodeling!

Chris D.     Bathroom Remodeling Scottsdale, AZ

The carpenters used by Cook Remodeling do an outstanding job.  The Project Manager is very attentive.  We are more than satisfied with the beautiful tiled shower and the completed master bathroom.  Cook Remodeling brings good people doing quality work on your home.  You can trust them to do it right.

Gary & Joy S.         Master Bathroom Remodel in Mesa, AZ

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