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A Dishwasher First—Bottle Wash Jets!

Now you can do kitchen remodeling Phoenix to be the chief cook, without being the bottle washer!

The New GE Profile Series dishwasher offers 54% more cleaning jets than any other dishwasher in the industry, and is designed with dedicated jets for baby bottles, water bottles, and tall travel mugs. That last feature along with it being Energy Star Certified, might be enough to inspire one to do their kitchen remodeling Phoenix project now!

Everywhere I go, I carry my BPA free water bottle so I can have plenty of clean water to drink and keep hydrated. It isn’t possible to reach inside with a good swipe to clean, for the opening is too narrow for a hand. I have resorted to putting a dishcloth in it with a drop of soap, and some water, and I shake it up and hope for the best. To try to further sanitize it, I rinse it under hot water—though I don’t like that extra water is needed to do that.

And what if you had a green smoothie or a whole food protein shake to go for breakfast and it sat all day in your car drying out? Or you have a baby bottle that you want to get very clean? This GE Profile Series dishwasher solves that cleaning challenge with their bottle washer sprays (seen in the photo with the blue tip). They are posts you place your bottle over and it is clasped in place, so the inside is well sprayed.

GE Profile Series dishwasherWith all those extra spray jets varying velocity and directions, even a spoon with peanut butter will come out shiny! Does that mean it will be noisy? Not hardly. The dishwasher measures at 42 dB (normal conversation is at 50 dB). Consumer Reports did a dishwasher comparison earlier in the year before this model was on the market, and the one they recommended was at 43 dB.

When doing kitchen remodeling for empty nesters, often they prefer dishwasher drawers because it takes them longer to fill a regular dishwasher and they did not want to waste water or energy. The designers of this innovative model thought of that too. Another popular feature with this new GE Profile Series dishwasher is you can set it to clean dishes that are just on the bottom rack, or just on the top rack to clean a half load.

So now there is a quiet, stainless steel interior, 102 cleaning jet system, dual function, with special bottle washing jets that is energy efficient. Want to move forward on your kitchen remodeling Phoenix project?


Happy Home Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!

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