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Aging In Place – Phoenix – Add a Residential Pneumatic Elevator to Skip the Stairs

A residential pneumatic elevator is much easier to install and more affordable than a traditional elevator when planning a home remodeling budget! It doesn’t require excavating a pit below and installing hoist mechanisms above. It sits on the ground floor and takes up as little as 37 inch circular footprint. It has a sleek and attractive design, offering a clear 360 panoramic view. They come as large as 52” wide to accommodate a wheelchair too.

While talking to a homeowner recently about the kitchen remodeling Phoenix project and Phoenix bathroom remodeling project they wanted to do, I asked what was their home remodeling budget.

He said, “We know what we want to do for the kitchen remodeling and how we want the bathroom to look. The only hesitation is that I think in 5 years I won’t be able to do our stairs. We have a two story home. My knees are all ready bad and we might have to move.”

The addition of a pneumatic elevator can help a family age in place and be able to stay in the home they love. Homeowners won’t have to move away because of mobility changes if they have an option of an elevator.

aging in place phoenix wheelchair pneumatic elevator

a wheelchair pneumatic elevator helps couple age in place in Phoenix

Having a pneumatic elevator could be needed for parents or older friends and relatives to use, or for an aging pet, or if someone had an injury or surgery making stairs too difficult. It does add a luxurious touch in that you won’t have to carry bulky items up and down the stairs like laundry, luggage, or sports equipment and the like!
It uses little energy consumption during descent, is energy efficient, reliable and safe. Turbines using 220 volts pull passengers up to the next floor, and slow release of the air pressure has one float down to the lower floor. A growing number of homeowners are finding a residential elevator essential. It can add value to your home, especially as the senior market grows.

Your general contractor will know if  local building code requirements approve the installation of a pneumatic elevator. (Arizona does not).  Otherwise, an elevator with a hydraulic drive, a wheelchair lift or stair lift are other options to consider.


Happy Aging In Place Phoenix!





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