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Are you considering a “DIY” home remodeling Phoenix?

DIY–Do It Yourself is a really hot topic these days, with lots of reality shows on TV depicting various home remodeling projects.

  • The good thing about the home improvement shows is seeing what a difference a transformation can make!  Homeowners are happy about making their home new again.
  • The bad thing about home makeover shows is a 30 or 60 minute episode can make it look easy!

We don’t want to take anything away from your home remodeling Phoenix DIY project, we’d rather make sure you CONSIDER THE CHALLENGES YOU MAY BE FACING BEFORE YOU START.

The proper tools can be expensive, and dangerous.  Have you had safety training on them?  Guess what tool causes the most injuries and trips to the hospital per year by do it yourselfers?  It is the ladder!

There is no way to capture all our remodeling experiences here, but here are some risks to think about. –We find these things everyday and manage them to everyone’s satisfaction. It’s what we do!

A) You want to take a wall down.  Does the paint have lead?  How will you dispose of it? What would you do when you break apart the drywall and find a water line, vent pipe, furnace duct, electrical wire or conduit in the wall space?  Or maybe discover the wall is a load-bearing wall?

B) You want to replace a simple kitchen sink faucet set, well what are you going to do if your new faucet set requires 3 holes in the sink base and you only have 2?  What if the faucet set doesn’t align with your sink base?

C) Putting in a new door and frame? What will you do if the wall studs aren’t properly plumb? Or if the door threshold is not level?  The same challenges are common for installing cabinets too.  Walls are not perfectly plumb and square, floors are not level, and it takes experienced skill to install cabinets. What if you find water damage behind the cabinets?  Your plans to get your kitchen put back together could be significantly delayed!

D) Adding on a patio cover? What are you going to do if you hit a buried pipe or conduit? Or what if your backyard isn’t as level as you thought? Do you know where your set back property line REALLY is, or were you planning on donating 2 feet of your new deck to your neighbor?


These are just a few things that can complicate and increase the cost and delays for your DIY project plans. Here at Cook Remodeling and Custom Construction we have the experience to plan ahead and avoid these common problems. Hiring a skilled professional UP FRONT can save you money and time, and perhaps save your sanity too!  Our clients share what a difference hiring Cook Remodeling can make! If you’d rather have the peace of mind of getting your home remodeling Phoenix done on-time and on-budget, we’re a phone call away, contact us


Happy home remodeling!

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