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As a member of the SEN Design Group for Kitchen and Bath professionals, the Cook Remodeling Project Designer Team has had the opportunity to meet exceptional leaders in kitchen design. We took the time to research their websites for beneficial kitchen design resources:

In addition to the priceless value of enjoying your remodeling project which has given you a customized home to facilitate your lifestyle, when it is time to sell, homeowners experience an increased return on their home investment as well. Fiona Cooper has taken the results from a national survey and display the percent of recoop on investment for various home remodeling projects. (from 2009-2010 National Averages of Cost to Remodel & Recouped Resale Value from Mid-Range to Upscale, Remodeling Magazine, 11/09)

Jack Kellerman has written an excellent article, Setting Your Priorities which is helpful in kitchen design planning for the layout of your kitchen. If you are a multi-cook family, do you all have the same answers to those important questions?



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