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Top Four Choices in Bathroom Flooring


When choosing flooring for a bathroom remodeling, the flooring choice is very important when it comes to safety.  One wants good traction when wet, and a bathroom floor that easily cleaned should lotion or shampoo be spilled. There are so many hard surfaces in a bathroom, that a fall may have a serious outcome.

In-floor heating in the bathroom is a popular element to include in bathroom remodeling. Besides stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles being good choices for in-floor radiant heat, quality engineered hardwoods properly installed, and some luxury vinyl tiles can be used as well. Here are popular trends for flooring to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

The Popular Choice.  Ceramic tile continues to be the preferred choice for bathroom flooring according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association. There are variety of looks, colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to suit one’s tastes. It is easy to customize with finishing details such as chair rails and special edging. Ceramic tile is easy to clean and maintain, and extremely resistant to cracks, chips and scratches. It is not as strong as Porcelain tile, but it costs less.

The Spa-Like Choice. Natural stone can be preferred such as filled in travertine, slate, or soapstone. Chiseled edges offer traction, but they can be rough for sensitive feet, so a textured surface may make it more “non-slip.” Both granite and slate are very durable, travertine can be porous, and marble can be prone to discoloration. If you want marble, choose a slab with light veining.

The Luxury Choice, Luxury Tile can be colored and textured to look like stone or hardwood floors and is easier for the joints to walk on. The ideal choice would be choosing in in sheets, to minimize seams, however damage to the floor would make it difficult to replace the damaged area.

The Green Choice. Cork is also a highly renewable resource that is water resistant, durable and comfortable for the feet. Cork is considered a good insulator of heat (so does not feel cold) and sound, and can be manufactured to look like hardwood or marble.

Flooring can vary widely in quality and therefore, prices. Rely on a professional for recommendations for the product best suited for your needs.

Happy Bathroom Floor Remodeling!

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