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Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2014

bathroom design trends

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What are the most popular trends in a bathroom remodel Phoenix? According to a online bathroom remodeling winter survey conducted by, over 7,600 users responded were hiring or planning to hire for a bathroom remodeling project.

There were a couple trends that were age specific. Younger homeowners value nature: 45% want a rain shower experience and 24% including multiple shower head fixtures. This age group was more likely to increase the footprint of the bathroom, with 48% planning to put the toilet in a separate space for privacy and and preferring a wall mount or tankless option. Older home owners are more likely to specify having a double sink in their made new, en-suite master bathroom, and the inclusion of a hand held shower with a sliding bar.

A must-have for 91% of respondents is a high-efficiency toilet.  Glass shower enclosures with frameless glass also topped the majority’s list (54 percent). Forty three percent of the homeowners are going to eliminate a bathtub in the master bathroom for the ease of a walk in shower.

New light sources are important in planning a bathroom remodel:

  • 48% want a new window
  • 41% want more lighting at the vanity
  • 12% want a skylight
  • 7 % want LED lights in the shower head

The trends in bathroom remodel Phoenix are about the upgrades. About half of the homeowners are motivated to do a bathroom remodel to upgrade fixtures and features for a luxurious experience. Thirty seven percent want a more functional space for their needs, like eliminating the bathtub that is unused. A third of the homeowners responding to the survey are attracted to the increase in home value that a new bathroom will bring. Twenty two percent are doing a bathroom remodel to fit the family’s lifestyle and needs. And people (19%) want better organization and storage.


Happy Bathroom Remodel Phoenix!

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