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Benefits of Choosing a Design Build Remodeler

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There is a significant difference in the look and experience between a production built home, and one designed by an Architect. When homeowners feel they have found the home that they plan to enjoy for many years, some take the first step to remodel it tot their tastes and lifestyle by hiring an Architect. All too often, a homeowner will wait a long time to get the finished plans, only to find out when they are presented by them to a General Contractor, that the phoenix remodeling project was designed exceeds their budget. Sometimes a General Contractor will offer better solutions based on their experience, making that portion of what was paid for unnecessary.

It can be easier for a homeowner to have a one stop shopping experience that facilitates the process from beginning to team

It may be better to start with retaining and hiring an experienced and reputable Design- Build Remodeling firm. They will interview the homeowner to gain a thorough understanding of what is wanted and needed. They can do a site analysis and provide a ballpark estimate of the cost of the scope of the project. They can offer ideas and solutions on what can be done within the stated phoenix remodeling budget. They can then work with a designer that is best matched to the needs of the client. For a complex, high-end project, that may be an Architect, but the Architect will work in partnership with the General Contractor.

There are many benefits for the homeowner to work with a Design Build Remodeler. The homeowner will have a single source of responsibility for the project’s to stay within the remodeling budget and time parameters. That also makes for a single point of contact for inevitable additions and changes to the design. This will help the homeowner control costs, and shorten timelines. With a single company in charge of the process, each stage can be completed more efficiently.


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