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What is Design – Build Remodeling?

A Phoenix homeowner asks:   What is Design – Build Remodeling?


The Design/Build Remodeler offers a more complete solution to all your Phoenix Home Remodeling needs.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to save money on home remodeling or construction projects. One way to do this without compromising quality is by utilizing design-build remodeling. This concept allows the builder to design the home improvement or renovation project for you, so all your Phoenix home remodeling needs can be taken care of by one company.

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Some advantages of using design-build remodeling include:

1. Your plans are drawn up by the same firm who will produce the finished project.

This means your drawings will not need a major overhaul once they reach the construction phase as can happen when independent architects are used to design projects. It will be clear who is responsible for changes and accountable for delivery.


2. Your project will be designed with your budget needs in mind.

An experienced design-build remodeler will know the costs of materials and labor to deliver the results. They will assess the site condition, your needs and wants, and work with you on selections to help keep the project within your budget. This means the plans are drawn up to include the “must haves” and as many elements on your “wish list” in the costing.


3. It is a more convenient one-stop service.

There is comfort knowing that there is ongoing communication between the professional design team and the production crew since they work together. Should there be a problem, or you thought of something else you want included, you can rest assured knowing the person in charge is just a phone call away, rather than having to go to a designer outside the company to alter the plans, and then getting back to the contractor with the necessary change proposals.


4. This type of Phoenix home remodeling project is more efficient.

The design that is developed by the design-build remodeling company is ready for production, and work can normally be started right away upon any needed permitting or home owner association approval. All the fine details and decisions can be worked out up front within the company for a fully developed scope of work.


5. Contractors can better direct the process when they are involved from the beginning to end.

You will have worked with the design- build remodeling company for the full development of the design, so they will have a greater understanding of  your needs.  Getting to know you through the design process, they will be able to offer ongoing recommendations customized to your lifestyle. The wow factor can be in the final details added to a project when they are very familiar with what you want to personally achieve, and that would be lacking if they are handed a set of plans to build.


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