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Design Your Master Bath Like the Rich and Famous

12/16/14 8:07 PM

It can be affordable to have a master bathroom like the rich and famous. An experienced bathroom designer can help work with you on ways to conserve the remodeling budget, to get the special elements in your bathroom that would make it luxurious to enjoy everyday. For example, you may wish for marble walls, but faux painting may do the trick, leaving a lot in the remodeling budget to include more items on your wish list.


Almost becoming standard, is in floor heating. It can be put on a timer so the room and the tile is nice and warm, waiting for you in the morning. Would you also want your own coffee maker station to wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup to beckon you out of bed?

It is popular to enclose the toilet in its own room, for privacy and to keep the rest of the room more clean should someone forget to flush with the lid down! Include a bidet seat rather than take up the room and have to make the effort to transfer to a bidet, that will conserve funds in the remodeling budget.

There are lots of luxury options for the shower. Many prefer a walk-in, curbless shower that has a linear drain on the back wall. Popular are multiple shower heads for various moods and purposes—whether it be a massaging spray, or an above head rain shower experience. There is even a showerhead that is a speaker for your tunes! (Kohler’s Moxie Shower-head) You can even request a waterfall channel. There are water controls that enable you to set for a consistent temperature. You can even specify “mood tiles” that change color with the temperature. You may want to plan for it to be a steam sauna, with the built in equipment for added health benefits. Have a built in bench. Don’t forget to include a Tornado Body Dryer for towel free drying—it will help take excess moisture out of the air!.Many want a soaking tub with air jets, which can be very soothing and relaxing. You can flank it with a ventless bio-ethanol fireplace to watch real flames or an aquarium. What about a massage table for working out kinks and soreness? Those details will make a bathroom elevate to the category of a master bath like the rich and famous.

Either off the floor cabinetry to make the room seem larger, or furniture style cabinetry is popular. You may want to create a vanity station. Electrical outlets can be placed in drawers to keep hairdryers and shavers plugged in and ready to go, and out of sight. Plan for your toothbrushes to be in their own tucked away niche too. Remember to place rope lighting underneath to light up the room sufficiently for nocturnal visits. You may want to under light onyx countertop for a dramatic effect. Other luxury storage would be a medicine cabinet that has a section that is refrigerated for natural make-up, lotions, or even some medicines. Behind the sink’s mirror, you may want a built in TV. No matter what you may want to hold your remodeling budget to be, don’t cut out those things you really want for your bathroom.

Do you want to include a stacked washer and dryer? It makes doing your own laundry convenient. You may want to include a clothes steam closet to relax away creases without having to iron. It also helps clean and deodorize dry cleaning clothes!

Another couple of luxury touches that may be a must in your home. What about an aviary, with a greenery habitat and songbirds? Perhaps you’d rather skip the bird maintenance and have an aeroponic herbal garden with the soothing sound of a fountain to enjoy?

Most master bathroom are next to a walk in closet and dressing room. Would you like an exercise room to flank it as well? That would be truly living the suite life!

Happy Bathroom Remodeling like the Rich and Famous!


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