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Eight Tips for Maximizing Storage for Your Bathroom Remodel phoenix

maximizing bathroom storage

The most popular design request for bathroom remodeling phoenix, or kitchen remodeling phoenix is to include more storage. A bathroom remodel design needs to plan for efficient storage in their smaller space. A sink cabinet can provide the space for toiletries, first aid supplies, and towels, but without accessibility and organization, it becomes a place where things get lost!


Here are eight tips for creative solutions to make the most of the space in your bathroom remodel phoenix:

  • use frameless cabinetry—it will give approximately 10% more usable space, which makes a big difference in drawer storage.
  • specify roll out shelving in the sink cabinet for better access and organization.
  • If you have a double sink, eliminate one and add a linen cabinet with a recycling cabinet base for a clothes hamper with 2 bins, one for darks and one for whites.
  • have a pull out shelving base cabinet for bottled items as depicted in the photo next to linen closet, or a wider one for grooming (holds hair dryer, curling iron, etc.)
  • a framed mirror over sink can conceal a medicine cabinet. If you use an electric toothbrush, have an electrical outlet put in the cabinet to have the recharging base off the counter. The same goes for an electric shaver.
  • put a storage cabinet over the toilet with obscure glass doors for visual depth.
  • have niches in shower, including one at tub deck level if it is a tub/shower combination.
  • If there is unused space between shower wall and bathroom wall, have open shelving, or closed one with glass or matching cabinet door.


With the specialized cabinets used in your bathroom remodel phoenix, everything will have its own place, and will be easily found!


Happy Home Remodeling!


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