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Eliminate Grout Lines with ForzaStone Shower Panels

I find it exciting to be able to support a local company, and this one was started in bathroom remodeling Mesa, Arizona. Three business partners with over 30 years of building industry experience were dedicated to developing a more affordable and innovative shower wall solution. The company name? ForzaStone, and they launched in 2009.

Travertine is a popular luxurious stone of choice for high-end bathroom remodeling, but is not without some issues.  Travertine panels are very heavy, costly to ship and require several workers to install. Even travertine tile is labor intensive to install, and comes with the hassle of maintaining grout.  Over time grout discolors, becomes porous, and mold can take hold and flourish, with the danger of water seeping in behind the wall.

Could a lightweight, natural stone panel be manufactured to offer a more affordable luxury bathroom design?

After four years of researching and testing, Forazstone were able to formulate 8’ by 5’ natural stone slabs and backing at a mere 5/16th of an inch thick, making them lightweight and easy to install.  They report that their revolutionary patented backing system makes the panel 800% stronger than traditional stone slabs.  A homeowner doing a bathroom remodel using Forzastone in a shower will save $2000-$4000 in costs compared with a typical travertine slab.  What are the most popular features of this more affordable, natural stone?

  • ForzaStone offers a waterproof, groutless shower
  • ForzaStone is presealed and virtually maintenance free
  • ForzaStone is backed by a lifetime warranty

The ten most popular colors are stocked at ForzaStone’s Phoenix headquarters, but there are hundreds to choose from.  They have accessories available, such as soap/shampoo niches, to design a custom shower.  Forzastone is only sold to certified installers. (You can see a Chandler bathroom remodeling project where we installed Forzastone in the shower and above the adjacent tub here.)

I asked Curtis, who is in charge of manufacturing and quality control, what were some unexpected uses of their product. Their product has been used as wall cladding, wainscoting, and flooring.  Hotel chains from Best Western to high end spa and resorts in places such as Scottsdale have installed ForzaStone in their showers. The company is just finishing doing providing 12 custom showers for a bathroom remodeling project for a super luxury yacht in New Zealand.  They have ForzaStone certified installers in 22 states, and with the popularity, expect to be in all states by 2012.

Happy Bathroom Remodeling Mesa!


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