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Evolution of Home Design: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

It is interesting to observe how what is considered a luxury, soon becomes a standard for new home remodeling design and bathroom remodeling.  As standard home designs evolve, people want to make their life easier and update by home remodeling Phoenix.


It was as late as the 1930’s when rural Americans started to get indoor plumbing. -Imagine having to use an outhouse in the cold of winter or other inclement weather or time of day. We have so much to be thankful for, such as clean water, hot water on tap, and indoor bathrooms!

Many homes built in the 1950’s had three bedrooms. A young family would purpose one for the nursery, and the second for the little ones. As the children grew, one bedroom would be for the boys, one for the girls, and they all had one bathroom for the family to share.

As home remodeling Phoenix evolved, Mom & Dad got their own bathroom, and another bedroom was added as standard. Sometimes what was used as a bedroom was originally designed as den or a loft, so the oldest child could have their space before leaving the nest. Some afforded a fifth bedroom so another teen could have their own space, or perhaps to have a dedicated play room or guest room.

jack and jill

As bedrooms were added, so was having a powder room for guests became the norm. More expensive homes had “Jack & Jill” bathrooms, a shared bathroom placed between 2 bedrooms and master bedrooms had walk in closets.


What has been the latest trend in bathroom remodeling Scottsdale and home remodeling Phoenix?


Having a dual master bedrooms, with one that functions as a mother-in-law suite (with a kitchenette and seating area) for guests or for parents to live with the family. Some builders are even marketing the concept as a home within a home, or getting two homes in one. The master bedroom has a more elaborate walk-in closet system. Master bathrooms are increasing in size for a spa like experience with a walk in showers and a separate bathtub. Homes with the space on the property will build a guest house or casita to have a separate living space.


What do you think will be the next home remodeling trend?


Happy Home Remodeling Phoenix!

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