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Favorites for Kitchen Remodeling & Bath Remodeling

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Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are a good test of how well the home works for the needs and desires of hosting the holidays. It can be a motivator to get a kitchen remodeling project or a bathroom remodeling project done!  What are homeowners specifying for their kitchen remodeling projects, and bathroom remodeling projects?

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling both use cabinets and countertops. What are the popular remodeling trends?


  • The most popular woods: cherry and maple are decreasing as birch, walnut, and bamboo increase.
  • The design style of choice is Transitional over Traditional as homeowners want more simple lines, but more elaborate than Contemporary to create a modern classic look.
  • Darker stains are the predominant choice for new cabinets, but shades of grey are becoming hot. Grey acts as a neutral for almost any color scheme and stands apart from beige.  Gray offers an upscale neutral backdrop for all of today’s popular colors – mustard, turquoise, tangerine and purple. In many cases, gray IS the main color scheme being mixed equally with whites and off-whites or dark stained finishes.


  • Granite remains a top choice in countertop surfaces, along with Quartz, an essentially man made stone that requires less maintenance than granite.
  • Solid Surfaces have tripled in popularity. They are a composite that is easily repaired because the color is throughout the product, and is seamless.


 Kitchen Design Trends

  • Even though it requires a higher initial cost for the transformer and bulbs, light-emitting diodes, or LED lighting is being used in 70% of kitchen remodels.  Besides being extremely energy efficient and long lasting, they are cool to the touch.
  • More than half of backsplashes are using glass material instead of ceramic and natural stone.  Use of granite and quartz is also a popular preference.
  • Multi function ovens help the cook prepare healthier meals, and some will cook 15 times faster.  Imagine cooking a 14 lb. turkey in 55 minutes!
  • Pull-out kitchen faucets are becoming a must have, and are included in 93% of kitchen remodels.  This dual function eliminates the need for a detached side spray, and even the need for pot filler faucets.

grey mbath Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Marble is the third most popular choice in countertop surface in the bathroom.

Seamless stone showers are a must have for many homeowners, and there are lightweight panels manufactured for cost savings on material and installation.

Medicine Cabinets are making a comeback because of the storage they offer.

Polished chrome is the current faucet finish of choice, at the expense of bronze and brushed finishes.

Non-slip faux wood, linen, and unique textures are being incorporated in ceramic flooring for safety.

  • Water saving toilets, shower heads and faucets are a must have.
  • Custom shower programming is becoming more affordable, with preset temperature, water pressure, even massage spray can be started at a touch of a button.  You can dry off with another touch of a button activating the Tornado Body Dryer.

Whatever you choose, whether it be a popular remodeling trend, or a timeless classic make it seem like your home!


Happy Home Remodeling!

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