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First Steps for Phoenix Home Remodeling

Phoenix home remodeling can be a big project, where does one begin to plan? Upgrading an outdated kitchen or building an addition are a few examples that are manageable with a little advanced preparation and vision. To make the process less daunting, try these steps:


bath connected to outdoorsKnow why you’re remodeling. Are you selling? Addressing changing family and lifestyle needs?  Wanting more efficient appliances and lighting? Your reasons for remodeling can impact your decisions—for example, if you’re selling, your choices may be more about buyer appeal than personal lifestyle. On the other hand, if you’re building your dream kitchen, you may not want to compromise on certain features. Evaluate your project in light of your property value and return on investment and look for options that meet your overall needs.


Remember that “form follows function.” Look at your existing space critically. Are there rooms that don’t get used, like a formal dining room? Evaluate how you use your spaces and the problems they pose. Assess high-traffic areas, kitchen work triangles, and overall flow. Define what already works and what doesn’t. Get input from all family members, even children. The “look” of your new space should be secondary to layout and function. You can work on achieving that “magazine” look after you have the basics.

white corner kitchenMake a Pinterest or Houzz dream board. If you prefer something to physically peruse, Signature Kitchen & Bath magazine is a popular source for ideas. Looking at photos will help you define the features or details of work that you like. Pictures say a thousand words, and these ideas can help your home remodeling designer achieve a custom results that you want. 


Know your budget. A realistic budget can help you prioritize options for your home improvement planning. In your bathroom remodeling upgrade, will you really use that expensive spa tub, or are luxury shower heads, bath fixtures, and a towel warmer more important? If you want a contemporary, industrial look in your kitchen, can you compromise elsewhere so that you can afford concrete or stainless-steel countertops for your kitchen remodeling project?

Consider Aging-in-Place Some up-front planning can make your remodeling project make your home ready for the future—which may be accommodating parents’ needs. With the largest segment of the population coming into their retirement years, such universal design features will be in demand for any home on the market. Utilize the services of Certified Aging in Place Specialist, or a Universal Design Certified Remodeler.


Happy Phoenix Home Remodeling!

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