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Five Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Declutter Countertops

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The kitchen is the go-to hub of the home that really makes a statement about you. You don’t want the distraction of clutter on the countertops. A kitchen remodeling project can help it be more tidy and organized! This can make meal preparation frustrating, and be a distraction from enjoying others in your kitchen. The number one request when doing kitchen remodeling is please, ADD MORE STORAGE. Here are five tips to help keep your counter tops decluttered – and simplify your life.

  • Consider adding a second dishwasher. Rather than taking out frequently used clean dishes out of a dishwasher and putting them in a cabinet, eliminate that step. Instead, retrieve clean dishes as they are needed, and put dirty dishes in the other dishwasher. Eventually, you will have moved the clean over to the other dishwasher that you can run and it will store the clean stash which you will use and place the dirty ones in the other.
  • Put away appliances that aren’t used often. Bulky appliances like a crock pot or mixer often are left on the countertop because they are heavy. Move them to a right sized lower cabinet with specialty hardware that will easily bring it up to the working level you desire. Also include roll out drawers for lower cabinets for easy access, both will be gentler on the back.
  • Have an upper cabinet go down to the counter. For appliances that get daily or frequent use, like a blender, food processor, and/or toaster, plan sufficient space to tuck them away with a side door that you can slide them out for use.
  • Select a dual combination oven to meet your needs. This can eliminate the need for a toaster oven, a microwave oven, or the effort of steaming veggies on the cooktop. There are dual wall oven combinations like: steam & convection, speed cook & convection, and more with preprogrammed cooking guides.
  • Have a walk in pantry or butler’s pantry. With the popularity of buying in bulk, it is easy to store in a pantry. It is also easier take inventory of needs before shopping.

You may want to consider for your kitchen remodel design to include a personal work station for processing mail, paying bills, surfing the internet or charging electronics, or a space If you rely on a family calendar. If you have a pet, you may want a place for their food, treats, and care items too. All this can be planned on how to provide for your living needs, and how to store it away when it is meal time or time to entertain guests.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!


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