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Foodie Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix for Fast Home Cooked Meals

Just as people do bathroom remodeling to experience that hotel spa-like luxurious bathroom in their own home every day, the same is trending for kitchen remodeling Phoenix.

People want to take better care of their health and prefer home cooked meals and are discarding the nutrient robbing microwave oven, but don’t want to sacrifice time or taste. What can give that restaurant quality, fast and delicious home cooked meals?

stone bistro 4343 oven


A stone hearth oven!

A stone oven has a low and wide opening with a thick floor and domed walls that will store, retain and evenly refract heat. It can be heated by wood, gas or propane, or a combination of wood and fuel to temperatures of 500-700 degrees or more, hence the faster cook times. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and have been made popular by renowned Chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen who can crank out pizzas in less than 2 minutes. They say that high heat cooking seals in the moisture and flavors and help provide the results they are famous for.

Even a gas fired “brick or pizza oven” will provide wood fired flavor. They can come with features such as the ability to program the start time and some models can be turned on via a smart phone so the oven will be preheated and ready for use.  You can start at the peak of heat to cook pizza or tandoori dishes, then bake breads or roast meat or fish, and one can cook stews or beans overnight as the heat continues to radiate in the oven. There are indoor and outdoor models.

Imagine gathering around the stone hearth oven to watch the flames and how quickly food is cooked. You can dazzle guests with the quick, hot delivery of appetizers, your main course, and dessert fresh from the stone hearth oven. You will be happy with the low maintenance too.

Do you want to do kitchen remodeling Phoenix for an indoor stone hearth oven, or for your outdoor kitchen?


Happy Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!


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