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Generation X Remodel for Their American Dream of Home Ownership


Douglas Coupland in the novel, “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture” had described those born from the 1960’s to 1980’s as a demographic group likely to make several career changes to suit their personal enjoyment.  That they were a drifting, listless and apathetic group–even a movie was made to depict them titled, Slackers.

Reality dictates a very different set of characteristics, those of being ambitious, energetic and innovative.  It was Generation Xers that brought us Google and Facebook. When the recession hit and home values dropped and people started delaying retirement, that meant less opportunity for  promotion for Generation X in corporate America. In their resilancy, they are willing to work to earn additional income to have their dream home and prefer to be the flexibility of being their own boss (contact me for a recommended, well branded franchise you can operate from home).

With the uncertainty if homes will appreciate in 5 years, rather than pick the biggest and best house in a nice neighborhood, savvy Generation Xers are buying homes that are undervalued with dated kitchens and bathrooms, that have room to expand on the lot with either an addition, or a second story.  Working with a professional remodeling designer, they set up a long term multiple project plan based on the homeowner’s needs and budget that includes increasing energy and water efficiency.  They forgo the time and expense of trying to do it themselves, but hire a reputable and experienced remodeling company to get quality with the kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or addition that looks original to the home done quickly and efficiently.

The couple continually remodels to improve their experience of their home as they have the funds, and should they need to move,  they will have made home improvements that should increase the value. Depending on priority, they may decide on they need a bathroom remodeling Phoenix transformation* or kitchen remodeling Phoenix transformation first (*a new life transformation!).  They may opt to make a home more marketable by adding a universally designed mother-in-law suite should parents need to live there (over 16 million have parents living with them), for guests, or even to serve as a rental.

Buying a fixer-upper is a great strategy for anyone buying a home, investors do it all the time. There is greater likelihood of improving the value of their home to help realize a better return on their investment when it is time to sell. Well designed kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling will have a great rate of return.   Smart home owners also want to have as many days as possible to enjoy their remodeled home too!  If you take the cost of remodeling over the days that you were able to enjoy a home customized to your dream, it will cost less!

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