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Just as I scour for photos of beautifully designed projects to add to our Pinterest boards for Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling,  Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling , Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling, and Scottsdale Bathroom remodeling clients to gather for their planning, I look through our professional journals for home items from the practical to the luxurious for great gift ideas. If you have a special someone, and that might be you, here are some ideas for the home!

Many of us run out of phone battery before the end of the day. Leviton offers wall outlets with low voltage USB ports that you can plug your phone or tablet into be and have it be charging nearby. It is a very popular detail with Phoenix Kitchen remodeling projects.

Pass and Semour have invented a dimmer switch that works with all types of lights, whether florescent, LED, halogen, etc. so you can set a mood and save on electricity. This is popular to use with Scottsdale Bathroom Remodeling projects which may have mixed lights.

Do you have a smart thermostat?  “Smart” appliances can be controlled from a mobile device. You can remotely adjust your home temperature to be at an optimal level by the time you arrive! Honeywell has a unit that monitors the system’s efficiency, and will even tell you the humidity level of your home.stone island

Motion sensor faucets are becoming more sensitive and reliable so you can rinse, “hands free.” Moen has kitchen models with a pull down-pull out spray feature too. We recently recommended this for a Scottsdale Kitchen remodeling project.

The kitchen sink cabinet tends to be the storage place for cleaning supplies, and also has the highest probability of leak damage. The Mockett company will make a custom aluminum cabinet liner with a rubber trim that will help contain spills and make cleaning it a snap.

Connecting to nature is a means to relax. It is popular to add a stone veneer to interior walls for a natural element, and have an outdoor living room that is comfy and inviting. A multi-panel glass wall door system that opens up to the great outdoors is spectacular. Don’t forget to have patio columns removed to be out of the way!

Imagine the convenience of turning off the shower and turning on a Tornado Body Dryer to keep yourself enveloped in warmth and to safely get dry without towels. It is an easy way to add luxury to the master bathroom. For Phoenix bathroom remodeling projects in an older home, this is such an easy detail to add with little effort needed to install.


Happy Home Remodeling!


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