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Green Your Home Remodeling Project for Savings

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When doing a home remodeling project, the planning concerns the functional needs of the family and the must have elements in the home remodeling project design. Home remodeling is primarily an investment in one’s quality of life, and a monetary one as well. A savvy homeowner thinks long term, considering aging in place elements—but just as important are the long term bonuses of making it a green remodeling project too! By specifying products that will save on energy and water costs, the smart homeowner can save thousands over a ten year period.

The costs to heat and cool the home make up about 40-50% of a homes energy bill. The product that provides the greatest return on investment, is a programmable thermostat. Utilizing the thermostat to be 5 degrees cooler in the winter while you are sleeping, to adjust use your heating/cooling system less when you are not at home (including vacations), can save $1,800 over a ten year period. If you have a “time of use” plan, during peak use/cost, having ceiling fans will make the room you are in seem cooler. But there is more to heating and cooling efficiency than the thermostat. The government estimates 10% of the heating/cooling costs are due to air leakage in the duct lines, windows, doors, vents, and electrical sockets. Sealing duct leaks could save $3000 over a ten year period. Note that insulating the duct line will not stop air leaks. Hire a professional energy auditor to find where you may be having conditioned air loss.

Next, make sure you are well insulated from the outdoors. Investing in windows with a low U factor (the lower the number, the better) and Low-E will lower heat transfer and save your fabrics from fading and can save $3000 over a ten year period. Having well insulated walls and ceiling will also save as much. Some homeowners add cross ventilation to their attic to pull in the cooler night air, pushing out the warmer air, which can save $2400 in a 10 year period. A less expensive option would be a solar attic fan, saving an estimated $2000 over a decade. Another smart design would be having a patio roof, especially for a west facing wall to block the sun from heating up the exterior wall of the house.

Conserving water will also add up to big savings. A water sense certified shower head can realize a saving of $3000 over ten years, faucets: $1000, and dual flush toilets: $500. Energy smart homeowners also specify radiant floor heating in the full bathrooms to efficiently warm those rooms. A Tornado Body Dryer will also save the cost of needing to launder large towels.

These estimated ten year savings came from the site, For a complete listing of the actual return on investment, years to recoup investment, and annual savings see their Master ROI Table.

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