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Home Improvement Can Mean Life Improvement!

Time segments life into manageable portions, thank God for that! Occasions like a birthday, anniversary, the New Year, or even a retreat can be a great opportunity to examine how we spend the time we’ve been given. Typical resolutions include replacing bad habits, better time management, increasing exercise, weight loss, lowering stress, and enjoying family and friends more, but did you ever think how home remodeling can help you reach your personal goals? (image by Danilo Rizzuti)

Time management  How much time is lost hunting around the house for what you need but cannot find?  Many homeowners have the predicament of insufficient storage space, and that’s typically tops the list of what needs to be changed.  If things are scattered, stuffed away in a cabinet or closet, or stuck in the garage, its time get proactive!  We are all good at adapting, so try to have a fresh look at the current situation of how your home isn’t working for you.

Increase Exercise/Lose Weight  Do you have a space set up to encourage exercise?  Is there an extra bedroom that can be used? Do you have a formal dining room that can be repurposed?  Can your laundry room be rearranged to provide the space?  A patio enclosed? A professional designer can help provide smart space solutions within your remodeling budget.

Lower Stress: The ideal home is an experience of being a safe haven from the stresses of the world.  Stress accelerates aging, depresses the immune system, and may lead to emotional eating. A home that has an open floor plan that extends views to the outdoors, and offers a quiet, personal space is a smart sanctuary. Having a home that is easily organized and without clutter is calming, its opposite can cause overwhelm and procrastination.

What’s it like to drive into your garage? That’s where your home’s experience begins.  Do you need a cabinet storage system so everything can have its place and look tidy?  Upon entering the kitchen, are the kitchen counters cluttered? Is your bedroom strictly for relaxing and sleep?  Or is it competing with being a home office, or exercise space? Do you have a spa like bathroom to relax at the end of the day and renew at the start?

Enjoying Family and Friends:  Can your guests easily gather together, or are groups fractured by the floor plan?  Its popular to congregate in the kitchen, is yours welcoming and inviting?  Can you visit with them as you’re assembling a meal?  Can they help?  Can you easily set up a buffet?  Do you have an outdoor space for cooking and entertaining as well?

Start with making a priority list of what home improvement remodeling projects would facilitate your lifestyle. The sooner you get your remodeling projects done, the more time you will have to enjoy your customized home!  You can make your home new again, and that’s exciting!

Happy Home Remodeling!

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