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Ten Great Home Improvement Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, and hopefully your home facilitates the celebrating as you would like.   There is always room for home improvement phoenix, especially with products designed to make our lives easier.

Here is a list of ten items for home improvement, five for bathroom remodeling, five for kitchen remodeling that can serve as great gift ideas that your loved ones will enjoy everyday!  There are people in our lives that are hard to buy for, and these will be a gift that keeps on giving.


Let’s start with the bathroom.

  • Formerly seen only in public places, hands free faucets are being installed in more homes.  You can preset the temperature, and the water can be activated by motion, or by a mere touch of the faucet.  Ask your remodeling professional for brand recommendations.
  • How would you like to have a groutless shower?  Products such as Forzastone panels are lightweight slabs of beautiful stone offer a more affordable solution.
  • With beautiful shower walls, enclose them with frameless shower glass walls.  There are speciality glass coatings that makes maintenance easy.
  • A Tornado Body Dryer can pre-warm the shower, then help keep you warm while it dries you off.  It can be safer than using a towel and is easily installed in existing showers.
  • You may want a comfort height toilet.  Select a dual flush, Water Sense Certified toilet which can save 4000 gallons of water a year.


On to the Kitchen.  What added touches that can minimize stress?

  • As we get older, our vision changes and we need twice the brightness of light for tasks.  There are low profile LED light strips that can be attached under the upper cabinet for greater illumination.  Installing them under the toe kick is a nice touch too!
  • Pull out faucets are popular.  If you all ready have a sprayer on the side, install an instant hot or cold filtered water dispenser in its place.
  • Swap out the microwave with a steam oven.  Using microwaves scrambles nutrients that we need, so their benefit is lost.  Steam cooking is recognized as being fast and a healthier way cook.
  • Does your cooktop fan sound like a jet engine?  Technology has improved and you don’t have to sacrifice hearing others talk while the fan is on.  And your remodeling design professional can dress up your kitchen with a custom hood.
  • There is electrical even-heating cooktop technology being offered, induction cooktops are nice since they do not radiate heat like typical cooktops.


Of course, you may want to think bigger—like having a guest house for visitors and for your own quiet get away.  Or having an outdoor kitchen and entertainment and living space which is like adding a room onto the home.  New Year’s Resolutions are right around the corner—perhaps its time to take some of these home improvement ideas and make your home new again?


Happy Home Remodeling!

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