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In your home remodeling budget, set aside some cash for the feature of the room, for some luxurious amenities, and for something that will make your life easier. You will be glad you did. The outcome of those little splurges on the wow details for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project will work magic in enjoying the experience of your home improvement.

Simple things can make life sweet.  My creative outlet is making gourmet meals using lots of fresh, organic vegetables picked from my vertical Tower Garden on my patio.  When I am done, I dutifully gather handfuls of the cast offs to put in a compost pail, wishing there was a better way to collect the scraps for disposal. At our last SEN Design conference, we found a supplier who will cut slots in the countertop, so one can lift a handle, and scoop the debris into a bin below.  Smart design makes life easier!

Over twenty years ago there was a limited selection of products completing the home.  There was standard and upscale, with few choices inbetween.  Because people wanted variety, the industry prolifically responded with a dizzying array.  How can you find what is of value to your needs and choose from many selections?

Let the success of the home remodeling details be facilitated by a team of experts.  A good remodeling designer can help make recommendations to narrow options to manageable choices fit your lifestyle and remodeling budget.  After carefully interviewing you for your needs, wants, must haves, they can advise ways you can trim your remodeling budget in one area, to free up some cash for those special elements and features. Make sure the designer participates in professional trade associations and conferences, continuing education and certification to keep current with home improvement innovations and remodeling design trends.

Kitchen remodeling continues to be a great return on investment.  Rich cherry accented custom kitchen islands with a furniture look infuses new energy into the layout and flow of a kitchen and are very popular.  You can go green with your countertop by having a dramatic centerpiece of using reclaimed barnwood, using quartz with recycled glass with Caesarstone’s lifetime warranty, or even using stainless steel. Good lighting showcases the kitchen, and now there are LED undercabinet lights which generate less heat and electricity. Range Hoods that are whisper quiet qualify for E.P.A.’s Energy Star label are also available.

The second most popular update the master bathroom remodeling.  There are several newly engineered solutions that are exciting. New to the market is a tile ready and curbless showerpans that provide longevity and peace of mind. Groutless showers and coated glass reduce maintenance. Shower heads and faucets have joined toilets in conserving water, saving an average family saving over 11,000 gallons of water annually.   Look for the E.P.A. WaterSense label. There are now ventilation fans with fluorescent lighting, even usable in a shower, which has the motor housed remotely for reduction of noise.  Lowering your water and electric bill will help pay for the products advanced technology!

Being smart about allocating some of your home remodeling budget for special features can magically make it seem you got much so more for your money!


Happy Home Remodeling!

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