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Home Remodeling Design Tips for Reducing Stress

Take a moment to remember, are hosting holidays at your   house a stressful time?

Do you get to enjoy celebrations and get togethers as much as everyone else you invited over?

If your house doesn’t seem to make you life easier, is time for a home remodeling Phoenix?

Why think of Phoenix home remodeling now? September is a good time to plan to make changes and get your home remodeling done in time for Thanksgiving and the special holidays that follow. Does your kitchen facilitate having company and entertaining? Or are you in need of more kitchen cabinets phoenix? Are guests crowded and separated by a disjointed floor plan?  Perhaps you have out of town loved ones that you want to feel welcome, but its not easy to accommodate their needs. Maybe you have an everyday stress with things not working or looking as they should. According to the Mayo Clinic, not only does stress affect our health, it can cause relationship conflict. The good news is there are things you can do to help minimize stress at your home.  What remodeling can be done in the bedroom, bath, and kitchen to lower stress?

The bedroom should be your haven to facilitate sleep, a critical function to deal with the day’s stress.  Avoid using your bedroom for other purposes—like an office or computer station, or exercise room.  Delegate those activities to another area—out of sight, out of mind!  Factors such as light, noise, and temperature will affect the quality of your sleep.  It is helpful to sleep in a completely dark room; I was told any light perceived through the night may increase aging!  To darken our room, we installed a roller shield, which is wonderful for blocking out light, the heat in the summer, and provides security when having an open window.  There have been great strides in products to reduce the transmission of sound through walls and windows, should noise be a problem.   Feeling comfortable will help you stay asleep, and a ceiling fan helps one to keep cool and the air circulating.  If your body runs cold, you can avoid wasting energy heating up your house and drying out the air by using in-floor heating by Warmly Yours.  You can also have it installed in your master bath with a timer so when you get up, your bathroom will be warm and welcoming.

There are many products available for homeowners to create a spa experience in the bathroom.  In addition to in-floor heating, you can have a body dryer installed in your shower to preheat the space, and be dried without the need for towels, or worry about mold from excess moisture.  There are soaking tubs, air jet tubs, walk-in tubs—all kinds so you can have that time to relax, and renew.  Don’t forget a dimmer switch to create ambiance. You can add a Brondell bidet seat on your toilet to keep you body clean between bathing.

Have you captured a bedroom to be an office space?  Or perhaps a play room for the kids or grand kids?  With custom cabinetry, you can make maximum use of the space, attractively organize and provide storage, and install a murphy bed for overnight visitors.  The bed will tuck away out of site so the room still functions as it needs with plenty of space, and provide a comfortable bed as needed. Phoenix home remodeling is needed because our northern relatives and friends love to visit our weather in the winter!

One of the greatest stress reducers in the kitchen is having enough storage space to keep the area clear of clutter.  DuraSupreme cabinetry offers extensive options for efficient organization, such as lid pull outs, vertical spice racks, hidden mixer lower cabinet storage that easily raises to countertop level, dish drawers to name a few for kitchen cabinets Phoenix.  A well-designed layout with ample kitchen cabinets Phoenix that reflects how you want to use your kitchen will help you stay at home and use it!  It is much easier and less expensive to create a nutritious meal which will go far to reduce stress, than try to find a healthy meal at a restaurant!

Schedule an appointment with a professional remodeling designer, and soon you can be transforming your house to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Happy home remodeling!

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