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Home Remodeling Trends in 2013

The Home Remodeling Market Index continues to show increasing growth in the number of homeowners investing in improving their homes. Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling continue to be the most desired areas for home improvement projects. What are the overall home remodeling trends seen in 2013?


Luxury in the Details—Its not how much space, its what you do with the space that counts! People want design elements that add excitement to the living experience.  Let’s consider flooring.  What would it be like to have heated tile floors in your bathroom on a timer so by the time you enter in the morning; the room is warm and comfortable?  Wood flooring in the rest of the house is easy to maintain, looks rich, and is easier on the joints.  An experienced remodeling project designer can give lots of ideas of what home remodeling trends can make a difference for all your rooms to give it the wow factor.

Smart Space and Energy Efficiency—Do you have a spare bedroom reserved for out of town guests that sits unused most of the year?  How about getting a murphy bed and setting up your personal home office space?  Do you have efficient windows, doors, and appliances and sufficient insulation?  More and more people want a “green” home to save on the rising cost of kitchen

Open Floor Plan—The removal of walls can make a home seem larger, and facilitate staying connecting with guests while you’re working in the kitchen. The home’s layout should make sense for the flow of use. A popular way to continue the home’s sense of space to create an intimate outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen.

Integrated Kitchens—More homeowners are paneling  the fronts of their refrigerators and dishwashers to blend seamlessly with the cabinetry.  Kitchen islands have a contrasting cabinet color to make it the centerpiece of the room.  Induction cooking is growing in popularity, as is LED lighting and glass backsplashes.

Aging in Place Living—Make your home user friendly by incorporating universal design principles no matter what age or ability of the occupants. This is an important home remodeling trend for we have a “graying” population. Have one zero threshold entrance to the home, wider doorways and hallways, roll out shelves in lower cabinets, raised dishwasher, washer, and dryer that is easier on the back.  Large walk in showers with minimal threshold, seating, attractive grab bars and groutless walls for easy maintenance are in demand.  Having dual master bedrooms provides lots of options as well.


Happy Home Remodeling Trends!


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