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Houzz Survey: Top Four Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling

What are the top four motivators for doing a kitchen remodeling Phoenix? According to

  • To Improve look and feel (79%)

A homeowners kitchen remodeling budget is not based on a resale value, though a beautifully designed kitchen will help a house sell more quickly and for a premium price. People are motivated to do kitchen remodeling to impact the day to day living of the often the most used room. Improving the overall look and the feel of the kitchen is the main motivation factor for 79% of survey respondents. Consider how your kitchen is setting the stage, the mood it evokes. What story does it tell about you? Does it reflect who you are?

  • To improve function (59%)

The second compelling reason for doing kitchen remodeling is to improve the function for the homeowners lifestyle needs. A kitchen is a multipurpose hub and heart of the home. It is much more than a place to prepare food, eat, and clean up. How many people are involved with creating and making meals? What kind of cooking is used? How is the kitchen used for holidays and celebrations, as well as day to day dining? Does it get used for mail processing, studying, or a hobby?

  • Upgrade appliances (52%)

This will never go out of style, the desire for appliances that promise to make our efforts easier, faster, and more successful. With continual innovation and improvements, it can inspire and encourage a homeowner to utilize the kitchen more for making healthier home cooked meals.

great storage

  •  Improve storage (48%)

People want countertops clear of clutter, and supplies tucked away out of sight in easily accessible storage. An experienced kitchen remodeling designer can help. Not only does sufficient functional storage help make a more peaceful and relaxing space, people want to enjoy the beautiful cabinetry and countertops which are the main canvas of the room.


Happy Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix!

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