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How Home Remodeling Preferences Change with Each Decade of Life

Professional Builder Magazine did an extensive survey in the United States to find out what were the popular amenities for each generation of home buyers. It can be considered cutting edge information to use when planning your home remodeling, as to what elements would make your home up to date with current trends and demands. It may give you ideas of what priorities you may have in the future that you could incorporate now so your house will serve you well into the future. Bottom line, most people report they would rather remodel than have to relocate.

So what items are most popular with each generation?

Millennials (younger than 32)

  • Open floor plan
  • Large kitchen
  • Energy efficiency/home automation system
  • Granite/quartz countertops
  • Hardwood floors

Generation X (32-49 yrs, old)

  • Larger rooms
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home theater/game room
  • Bigger, nicer kitchen and bath
  • Open floor plan

Younger Baby Boomers (50-55 yrs. old)

  • First floor suite for aging parents
  • Large kitchen
  • Upscale appliances
  • High-end flooring and cabinets
  • Oversize garage

Older Baby Boomers (56-66 yrs. old)

  • Universal design
  • Single-level living
  • More comfort/less square footage
  • Less maintenance
  • High end appliances and finishes

Traditionals (older than 66)

  • Universal design
  • Ranch house
  • Less square footage
  • Energy Efficiency
  • More Storage

There findings indicate that one would be wise to include in their home remodeling projects: making the home more energy efficient, universal design, and adding more storage and flex-use spaces that can change their purpose as the needs of the family change over time.

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