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How to Choose a Home Remodeling Company

Question: I want to have a good remodeling experience. What should I look for and what should I ask to find a good Phoenix home remodeling company?

The foundation of having a good Phoenix home remodeling experience is choosing a reputable remodeling contractor. Everyone wants a quality built home improvement project that is done in a timely fashion. The noise and dust may be unavoidable, but you want to avoid undue stress! With these tips, you can feel confident in whom you are entrusting your dreams, your money and your home, and have a great result to enjoy for years to come!

You want to find out what expertise they bring to your table. Ask questions like: How many years experience do you (the designer), the Project Managers and Lead Carpenters have? Is there commitment to ongoing training and annual attendance at national tradeshows? Are they participating members of industry organizations? Does anyone have professional certification? Has the company been published or earned awards for their design or customer service? Do they have “green” practices?

You want a remodeler that is financially solid, and offers longevity. A company can price themselves out of business by bidding too low. Do they give “free estimates?” No one is working for free–the costs for tire kickers will be passed on, and you don’t want them passed on to you! You can take a pulse of a company by references from their sub-contractors. If they are paid promptly, the company will have and keep exceptional professionals who are more than happy to accommodate a homeowner’s production schedule.

What kind of personal touch in customer service do they offer? Success is in the details. Do you like their website? Their Blog? Their Facebook? Their Pinterest Boards? Their portfolio? Do they have resource materials to help you with design?  Is the designer asking about your needs and wants, and offering creative solutions?  Will the designer help you with selections?  Does the company offer a newsletter for ongoing support and tips on caring for your home?

Find out if they value service by asking them to give you examples of how the company has made a difference for a homeowner. How do they facilitate ongoing communication during construction? Do they survey their clients to constantly improve? If they have great work and testimonials, it is indicative they are a company who builds their projects as if it were for their own home.

You want reliable and people having access to your home. What does the company do to recruit and retain quality employees? Do they foster a sense of teamwork? Ask for an example of how they help each other out. Do they have their own employees working in the field for better quality control? In their most recently completed projects, was someone working on site consistently from start to finish?

When you find a trustworthy contractor who demonstrates high standards of commitment to quality and service, who have examples of creative design solutions, don’t hesitate to retain and hire the company to develop your project. It will be worth it!

Happy Home Remodeling!

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