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How to Conserve Water for Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix

Most people are aware that “Energy Star” rated appliances have met strict guidelines to be considered energy efficient and can help homeowners realize significant savings on their utility bills when they do “green” home improvements.  Did you know there are EPA guidelines for water conservation as well that can make a significant difference when doing bathroom remodeling Phoenix too?

Be on the lookout for the “WaterSense” label when doing bathroom remodeling phoenix for selecting toilets, shower and bath faucets, and irrigation systems.  A WaterSense faucet can reduce water use by 30%, saving a typical family 11,800 gallons of water a year.

There has been a great challenge for efficient showerheads—what good would it do to lower gallons per minute if it took twice as long to rinse out shampoo?  Or if the aeration cools the water so you have to use more hot water?  Technology continues to improve, as leading companies invest in research and design to develop solutions.   Ask your bathroom remodeling Phoenix professional what products they recommend that feature smart technology to give you a thorough body spray, using less hot water, that will effectively rinse.  An effective WaterSense showerhead will save a typical family an equivalent of 385 bottles of water in a week!

Do you use a water softener?  It typically uses salt, electricity, and a lot of water to backwash—typically 120-150 gallons a week to take out the minerals of calcium and magnesium to avoid scaling and deposits.  Because of the significant waste of water, and that it dumps a lot of sodium into the water system, California allows local water districts the authority to ban salt-based water softeners. How can one protect pipes, hardware, appliances, and surfaces from hard water damage? You can get a water conditioner that does not use electricity or salt.  One type uses magnets to change the surface structure so they do not deposit, and can help descale buildup.  A salt free water conditioner uses nanotechnology filtering to change the ion structure so the minerals will not cling to surfaces, but will not descale deposits.  Know that one will not get that slick feel that salt “softened” water gives.

Do your part to conserve water.  It’s a resource we can’t live without!

Happy home remodeling!

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