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How to Increase Space and Luxury When Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling often has a primary objective to create a more luxurious and relaxing environment. Increasing the experience of the size of the space can facilitate this. Both a full redesign by moving walls and an addition to expand the bathroom may not be necessary when doing bathroom remodeling. There are more popular, budget saving ways to seemingly increase the space, and give it an up to date look.

Many homeowners doing bathroom remodeling projects that eliminate the tub in the master bathroom to transform the area into a walk-in shower. Most adults primarily, if not exclusively use a shower rather than a tub to get clean, so the tub is not missed very often. Having a clear glass enclosure, with a no threshold entry gives several more feet of viewing to the outer shower wall. This option only makes sense as long as there is another tub in the home. Be strategic as to where to place the shower niche, so the supplies are out of the room’s main view, and have the water controls at a point before you go into where the shower sprays so it is at the optimal temperature. Include the universal design elements of grab bars, shower bench, a hand held shower and a Tornado Body Dryer and to complete the spa like treatment.

Increasing in popularity in the United States, is having a bidet for a mini shower between showers. Europeans think us as primitive to not have one! No need to have a separate unit, there are more and more toilets having a bidet system, and there are after market seats that can be added to existing toilets. They also come with a night light system, and a seat warming option!

There are more hands-free faucets on the market to choose from, eliminating the hot and cold handles, which is adjusted by a lever so the water is turned on at the temperature you have preset. This resort-like feature takes up less space on the counter. When selecting toilets, shower heads, and faucets, be sure to choose Water Sense Certified units to conserve water.

There are also are more sophisticated in-floor radiant systems to provide the experience of warm floor and warm room. People report being very satisfied adding in-floor heating to their bathroom remodeling project. They can be set preheat the bathroom before you wake up, and now are available to be activated by a smart phone for those times you know you will be wanting to take a shower when you get home. It takes longer for the warmed floor to warm up a room.

An important element for the space is ample lighting, including side lighting at the vanity mirror. A bright space seems larger. You may want the vanity to be hung off the floor, with rope lighting underneath to use for nocturnal visits. Being able to see depth under the cabinets also will make the bathroom seem larger.

Happy Bathroom Remodeling Phoenix!

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