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Induction Cooktop Costs Are In Range for More Homeowners

Oftentimes the impetus for doing Scottsdale kitchen remodeling is a desire to update inefficient appliances. If you have a gas or electric cooktop, you will find an induction cooktop technology is light years ahead of the old. If gourmet chefs love induction cooktop cooking, you know you will too!

What are the benefits of using an induction cooktop?

samsung induction rangeIt is fast!  You can bring a pot of water to a boil in 90 seconds—that’s twice as fast, and it is just as responsive in the reverse. You can drop the temperature down to a simmer and it will maintain that precise temperature.  You no longer have to keep checking if the heat creeped up and you have a bubbling tomato sauce splattering everywhere, or the sauce is burning!

It is cool!  Literally. The former way of cooking works by generating heat and transferring it to the cooking vessel, which heats food as well as in the surrounding air.  Induction cooking through a frequency that heats up the magnetic material in the pan (stainless steel, cast iron) making cooking vessel the source of heat which heats the food contained within it, and not the kitchen!

It is efficient!  About 55-65% of the energy is actually utilized for cooking with gas or electric stoves, induction utilizes 90% of the energy.  Many induction cooktop models automatically sense the size of the pan, and delivers the energy needed for that size of vessel. Remove the pan, and it automatically stops.

Its safer!  Since there is no open flame, or red hot burners, there is not the danger of igniting flammable material.  It is also a snap to wipe clean.


When the technology started to become popular, Viking offered induction cooktops for $6000 that was used in Scottsdale kitchen remodeling. The good news is induction cooktops are now available in freestanding ranges, the most economical type of range. They are being paired with convection ovens which also offer speed cooking results. You can find the popular Samsung freestanding induction cooktop range with a warming drawer beneath the oven for around $1500.

A home cooked meal is most often much healthier than a processed or restaurant meal. An investment in kitchen remodeling for efficient cooking appliances will help you deliver a home cooked meal faster and add to the quality of your lifestyle.


Happy Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling!

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