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Is Now a Good Time for Home Remodeling Phoenix?


With interest rates remaining  low and home values increasing, more people are deciding to launch home improvement and home remodeling Phoenix projects that have been on hold.  There seems to be more concern about facilitiating lifestyle, reducing stress, and increasing enjoyment of the home.  As the cost of travel continues to rise, people want a luxurious spa experience in the master bath, and the kitchen to be the life of the party.  The creation of an outdoor living space expands options for entertaining, or even “eating out” at home!

Nationally, home remodeling activity is expected to increase by the end of this year and into 2013, according to the latest report released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Annual homeowner improvement spending may reach double-digit growth by the first quarter of 2013.

“Home improvement activity has been bouncing around the bottom of this cycle for almost three years now, waiting for the industry to get some traction,” said Kermit Baker, Chief Economist of the American Institute of Architects and the Joint Center for Housing Studies. “Now, the combination of low financing costs, stronger consumer confidence, improving home sales, and the perception that home prices have stabilized in most markets across the country are encouraging owners to start working on the list of home improvement projects they have been putting off. ”

I believe the best investment for personal return is in a welll designed, quality built remodeling project for home improvement.  It is where one lives!  It sets a tone, affects mood and energy level. What is it worth to have an environment that is rejuvenating and relaxing?   Home is the main place we discharge and recharge.  It is where we can create memories and have celebrations.  We all want our homes to be functional for our needs, to lower stress.  –If you have to go on vacation and spend money to temporarily experience a luxurious bathroom, a sitting room to retreat, and have a clutter free environment, why not have that year round by remodeling to meet your needs?  Now that’s cost effective!

If you have a sense that home improvements are needed, my math says, the sooner you get it done by  a reputable remodeling contractor, the more days you will have to enjoy it, so if you divide the cost by the number of days of your use, it costs you more to wait!  Another benefit is if you had an unforeseen change that you want to sell your home, you’ll be ready to command a premium price!

This summer we enjoyed watching the victories and world breaking records at the Olympics.  It is a source of inspiration of how we can achieve the impossible with a plan!    Athletes are not interested in others speculation, they were pursuing their dream.  So when people ask me, Is now a good time to remodel? I like to empower them to say, Yes, to pursuing the home of their dreams!

Happy Home Remodeling Phoenix!


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