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Kitchen Design for Generation Y

Gen Yers have been called, Nexters, born 1980-2000, and are just entering the workforce. They are tech savvy and well socially networked like Generation X. They want to express creativity and do things on their own. They want homes to meet their needs, not luxuries. They are emotionally closer to their parents, who may be more involved in their family’s lives.

What elements are important for kitchen design for Generation Y?

• Contemporary style with clean lines, and like to be bold
• Open kitchen layout that can meet a young child’s needs as well as facilitate adult gatherings
• They’re not interested in luxury, but practicality and function
• They are brand conscious and want long term quality
• Structured wiring and current technology needs to be standard.
• Storage that provides easy access to snacks, prepared food, and pet food
• Multifunctional spaces, with a kitchen to serve as a social hub
• They expect an outdoor kitchen that seems as comfortable as an indoor one

Happy Kitchen Design for Generation Y!

If you were before 1965, please check out, Kitchen Design for Baby Boomers.

If you were born between 1965-1980, you’ll want to read, Kitchen Design for Generation X.


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