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Kitchen Fire or Flood, Do You Restore or Remodel?

kitchen home remodeling phoenix

Having to deal with a crisis such as a fire or flood is a stressful disruption to daily life. It is important to take time to calm the emotions and think strategically about what you want for the final, long-term outcome. Do you want the same look of your kitchen, or would you rather have a new one by a kitchen remodeling design? Here are some considerations for making that decision.

If it has been about ten years since your kitchen was done, and you want to continue to live in your home, it may be a good time for a professionally designed kitchen remodeling project. The kitchen is generally the most used room, and an attractive, more current kitchen is an important factor when it is time to sell your home.


kitchen home remodeling phoenix

kitchen home remodeling phoenix

Homeowner’s insurance policies are either a pro-rated replacement value or actual cost replacement to deal with a fire or flood. An insurance company will send out an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage, and what needs to be done to put a kitchen back together as it was. They are trying to be conservative with their budget, and you may need to be assertive and ask how they arrived at the figure. For example, a recent client had a flood from a pipe in the wall behind the sink. By the time it was discovered, the lower cabinets had all ready soaked up a lot of water, and had warped and delaminated. The insurance adjuster figured they would repair and refinish the lower cabinets. The homeowner doubted it could be done, but assumed they knew what knew what they were doing. It turned out that by the time the insurance company’s carpenter got to the stage of cabinetry repair, they said that it would not be possible to match the 17 year old upper cabinets with refinished lower cabinets. It had all ready been months since they had a kitchen the family could use, and that just added another month to the timeline of the project as progress ground to a halt. He wished he had taken a check as compensation, and hired a professional design-build company to do the kitchen remodeling project how they wanted it to be.

So if you did not have a customized kitchen, try to think of the disaster in a positive light. If you were going to do a kitchen remodeling project in your home anyway, you would have to pay for it in full. Property damage is not how one would choose to start, but consider the insurance payout a bonus towards getting the kitchen that you want.

Happy kitchen remodeling!

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