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Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling for Daily Living Perks

October is celebrated as National Kitchen & Bath, key rooms that really enhance the experience of the home. What are the remodeling trends in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling that you will want to include to enjoy the perks of recent innovations?

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The kitchen is the hub of the home. You want to design your kitchen remodeling project so the kitchen works smart for you, and makes you look good! Besides being more efficient saving on utilities and water, there are other exciting perks you can gain when you remodel:

Refrigerators: have a blast chiller to quickly cool a bottle or can for a cold drink, larger water/ice dispenser for pitchers to more easily serve a crowd, sensors to help food stay fresher longer, and French doors on top with more inner drawer options and bigger capacity.

Cooking: People are pitching microwaves because they ruin nutrients, for innovative ovens that can speed heat, steam heat, provide even heat distribution, come with panels that can split a single oven into two, and are smart—they’ll send a message to your phone when the food’s done! Hostesses love having a warming drawer. Cooktops have easy to clean glass tops with the burners that will auto adjust to the size of the pan, and induction cooktops are lower in price, a “cooler” way to cook-its so efficient that water can boil in 90 seconds!

Cleaning: Dishwashers are quieter, have steam cleaning, smarter spray systems, adjustable racks, and use less water. Touch activated faucets are in demand.

Storage: Frameless cabinetry in white or grey cabinetry is popular, with roll out shelves in base cabinets topped with granite or quartz countertop and glass tile for a backsplash. The addition of a custom island with a furniture look is a great way to add storage and function, for serving buffet style, or a breakfast bar.


We’ve gathered many photos of unique ways to do a bathroom on our Cook Remodeling Pinterest page. Here are some elements to get that luxurious, spa like feel you can enjoy in your master bathroom:

Flooring: Heated tile on a timer to wake up to warmth, pebble or river rock floor design and a built in bamboo bath mat for that touch of nature.

Cleaning: walk-in no threshold showers with controls placed before you enter, an additional hand held shower, groutless shower walls with attractive grab bars, and a Tornado Body Dryer for a quick, warm dry. Faucets (and toilet) are water sense certified.  People want a quiet fan and generous lighting.

Storage: hidden medicine cabinets, frameless cabinetry off the floor with rope lighting underneath for nocturnal visits.



Happy Home Remodeling!

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