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Innovative Ovens that Help Cook Healthier Meals Quickly!

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How many times do you find that it is late to start preparing a home cooked meal, and you default to zapping a meal from a box or can, decide to dine out, or get take out?  That’s not the best use of the kitchen!  If your kitchen does not seem to help facilitate preparing homemade meals, maybe its time for a kitchen renovation. For the cook whose time is precious, there are ovens to accommodate those wishing to quickly deliver a healthier, home cooked meal.

Thermador’s new Steam & Convection Oven earned International Consumer Electronics Association’s prestigious, Innovations 2011 Design & Engineering Award.  It is the first pre-programmed appliance to combine three cooking methods: steam, convection, and combination of both.  Would you like the ability to cook a whole 14 pound turkey in 90 minutes that is moist on the inside, and perfectly crisp on the outside?  It would take four hours to cook a turkey in a regular oven!  Another great advantage is cooking with stream preserves more vitamins and nutrients, and eliminates the need to add fat or butter.

Would you want even faster results?  Previously only available to commercial chefs, the TurboChef oven offers a double oven that includes a SpeedCook Oven, which cooks 15 times faster than a regular oven.   The unit has one rack, and a 14 pound turkey could be cooked in 55 minutes!  The lower oven can proof dough, be used as a warming drawer, and has several racks to bake, roast and broil with or without convection.

More people want to eat a home cooked meal to avoid the high sodium, fat, and msg and other unhealthy additives typically used in restaurant’s food. Perhaps as you go through another holiday season, you’ll want to put one of these super ovens on your wish list so you can cook a turkey in a fraction of the time!  Start a kitchen remodeling file and put this information in it as one of your “wants” for  your kitchen remodel to make your life easier.

Happy Home Remodeling!

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