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LED Lighting Is Now Practical

01/08/15 11:36 AM

LED lighting distortionHave you tried using LED lights with your kitchen remodeling home improvement project and found that at night, the countertop, even the cabinets looked like a different color? Have you ever had the experience of going to a parking lot at night and not recognizing your car by its color? It used to be the LED lighting was either red or green, and it distorted colors’ reflections as seen in this before and after image to the left of what a difference that LED white lighting has made in lighting a street.

The invention of blue LED Lighting is such a major benefit that goes beyond home improvement application, that in December, three scientists were awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly light source, the blue light-emitting diode called, LED lighting, provides the spectrum of white light which lessens color distortion and is more natural. These white lamps are long lasting, and unlike fluorescent lamps, they do not contain mercury nor do they flicker.

It took 30 years of research effort to create a white LED light, and the lumen power continues to increase, and its price continue to decrease. The latest record output for an LED light was 300 lumen, equivalent to 16 regular light bulbs and 70 fluorescent lamps. One fourth of the world’s electricity consumption is used for lighting, and it is calculated that the use of LED lights could cut that down to 4%, which is of great benefit to the earth’s resources.

Beyond home improvement lighting, LED lighting is being used in cars, screens of smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. In 2012 LED’s had 18% of the market. It is predicted that by 2020 LED lights will have 70% of the market.

Upgrading to LED lighting at home will quickly translate to lower energy bills. It only takes an 8 watt LED to be equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent, and will last 100 times longer. Replace all frequently used lights in your home with LED lighting, and you will enjoy the savings and knowing that you are also helping the environment!


Happy Home Improvement!

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