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Luxury Home Remodeling Trend—Secret Rooms and Snore Room

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Secret room?  You might be thinking a hidden door to a secure room for valuables, but this is about creating special spaces for family bliss! Snore room? What is that? There are some problems that smart home remodeling design adding a secret room or snore room can help resolve.

Passage to Narnia

Problem One

First let’s talk about Mom’s with young children.  How many have ever hidden in the bathroom just to get away from their kids who default to seeking them, over Dad? It also can happen at the other end of the spectrum too. We have a client who has her elderly mother living with her, and the adult daughter even hides in the bathroom just to get some personal space from the Mom who constantly shadows her! Out of sight, out of mind. Now a master bathroom remodeling project can make the room spa like, but it may not lend itself as the best place for peace and quiet.


Problem Two

A survey has found that an average of 7 out of 10 married couples have had times where they could not sleep because of a snoring spouse, and sought refuge elsewhere.  For some, their spouses snore every night.  Not being able to sleep because of the other snoring can tempt resentment, and its tough to be one’s best without a good night’s sleep!


For others, the problem is THEY have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep, and would rather turn on a light to read rather than being restless, but don’t want to disturb their spouse. They want to stay in bed so they can easily drift back to sleep.




A private sitting room off the master bedroom that also function as what is called a “snore room.”  No worries of guests wondering about the health of a marriage with clues that the husband and wife are sleeping separately, it is discreet! The one in the “snore room” will still have the same access to the closet and master bathroom which may only be a few more steps away. The only requirement would be a window for escape in case of fire. At the start of a young family, wouldn’t it be nice to have the baby sleeping in that next room when they are waking during the night to eat? Later it can function as a breakroom for the Mom while the Dad engages the kids.


Another Idea?


Make a secret space for kids to call their own too!  Make it something special to spark the imagination, a space to encourage reading, physical play, maybe staging plays. Parents may not need a sitting room then, if they happily seek their own refuge. Tell them it’s a place that they can go back to a simpler time where it is a digital free world!


Happy Home Remodeling!


Snore Room

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