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Maximizing Space With Your Scottsdale Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are trending towards bigger walk-in showers, larger tubs, and there’s usually a desire for more storage.  What can you do if you want the experience of a bigger space in your master bathroom, but you don’t want to steal square footage from adjacent rooms or cannot add an addition?

Here are some creative ways to do your Scottsdale bathroom remodel and make your bathroom feel luxuriously expansive.

Shrink your toilet footprint

There are high quality WaterSense certified wall mount toilets available to choose from, so the water tank will be hidden in the wall.  Not only will this back up the toilet about 12 inches, seeing the floor underneath the toilet will make the room look larger.

Increase your counter space

Studies have shown that rarely do a husband and wife need to use a bathroom sink at the same time.  Many master bathrooms have two sinks, and by eliminating one in your bathroom remodeling, you’ll have more counter space so the vanity may not need to be as large.  If you didn’t have room for a linen closet before, this strategy can help create the space for one.  You may want to have the base cabinet hung on the wall as well so one can se the floor continuing underneath making it seem larger. Under cabinet lighting would add interest and would be a nice low glow of light for nocturnal visits.  If you need more storage and your base cabinet goes to the floor, add “furniture feet”  to still have the look of more depth underneath.

Go clear

For your shower, consider a clear glass enclosure. Being able to see through adds the effect of being able to see further, with gives a sense of extra elongation, or more space.  Besides, if you have a shower with beautiful tile or Forzastone, you want to be able to see its beauty!

Lighten the room

Abundant lighting including natural light either from a window or skylight and oversized mirrors will make the room seem expansive.  A light color paint can make the bathroom seem spacious. Darker paint has an effect of making rooms feel smaller.  If you are working with a small room, have a mural painted that  gives you a beautiful expansive view!

Change your door

A swinging door will take up space in the bathroom, and will block whatever is behind it. Try a pocket door that slides into the wall instead.  Another option can be installing a barn door that adds to the décor.

Use your wall space

If part of the issue of your bathroom feeling too small can be clutter on the counter, take a look at your wall space.  Use your bare walls to either add open shelving or niches.  With clutter out of the way, your bathroom will surely feel more spacious.

So, even without the option of knocking down walls, there are still ways to redesign your bathroom for your bathroom remodeling project so that it looks and feels bigger, and gives you the extra space you need to breathe a little easier.

When you are ready to start your bathroom remodel, contact us at Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction for all your remodeling needs.  We’ll help make your master bath a great place where you start and end your day.

Happy Home Remodeling!

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