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New Evolution in Laundry Room Remodeling

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Americans spend an average of 8 hours a week in the laundry room, that is more time than is spent in the bathroom!  More homeowners are doing laundry room remodeling to make that room to be as beautiful as their spa-like bathroom. Driving the evolution in laundry room remodeling is the desire to keep kitchens clutter free and move projects that aren’t about cooking or entertaining out of the kitchen to the laundry room. The laundry room is becoming the new home organization center.

Here are some elements to consider for your laundry room remodeling project for efficiency and  creating a more attractive space.

  • Front End Loaders use less water, can handle bigger loads, and are gentler on clothes. Do you want them stacked, or side by side on a pedestal (so it is easier effort on the back). Either way, consider tucking them in cabinetry, so they’ll be out of sight when the room is used for other purposes.
  • Large pull out hampers in the laundry room can facilitate family members to deliver what they want washed, sorted by either whites or color loads.
  • Plan a place for hanging clothes to dry, and a place for sweaters to air dry.
  • An ironing board can be stored upright in a cabinet, or in hidden in a drawer.
  • Have easy access to cleaning supplies.
  • Consider what kind of hobbies, crafts, sports your family enjoys, and determine the size of sink and how much counter space will be needed, and what height would be the best for the task. Perhaps you will want an island with chairs.
  • Make a plan for a space for a dehydrator, bread maker, ice cream maker that are noisy that you use. Or for making fermented foods or sprouts.
  • Do you want a station to sort mail, pay bills, keep catalogues and organize coupons?
  • Do you need storage for holiday decorations? You may want open shelving or glass cabinets to display.
  • It is popular to plan the storage needed for gift wrapping as well.

The laundry room can be an expression of the hobbies and interests of the homeowner. If they are a scrap-booker, or craft maker they can plan for easy access of materials and working space. If they have a love of pets, they can plan on including pet washing station that won’t require bending. If they are a gardener, they can plan for potting, tying herbs to dry, creating floral arrangements and the like.

Happy laundry room remodeling!

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