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Let the Sun Shine In

The truth is, most of us have more "stuff" in our homes than we need or have room to store. The other truth is, there's a lot of wasted space that could easily be used for extra storage. So if you find you're unable to part with your treasures, a few cost-effective remodeling projects will help you gain valuable storage space.


Kitchen Island

Most kitchens are already designed to store items like pots, pans, and dishes, but if you have a small kitchen with limited space, consider adding roll-out shelves. A roll-out shelf system lets you use the full depth of the cabinet without having to bend down to reach the back of the cabinet. A roll-out system can also be useful in a pantry.

Kitchen islands are great for extra storage. If you don’t have room for a built-in, consider one with wheels that you can move out of the way or store against a wall.


From creating a custom computer desk to an entertainment center, cabinets can help one get work done so you can relax and entertain. They create attractive visual views, closing the door on clutter. Choose frameless cabinets to gain an additional 10% of useable space. --Would you want shelves with lighting for your collectibles with a bottom cabinet to stash games in your living room? Could you rearrange the laundry to have cabinets for extra storage with the perfect height for folding clothes? Do you have an unused space in the hallway that would be perfect for a set of cabinets that included a beverage center?


In response to homeowner demand, there have been many clever solutions now available for storage needs in the bathroom. There are medicine cabinets that have a refrigerated section to keep beauty products and medicine at their prime. You can have an electrical outlet on the interior so you can store away electric toothbrushes. There are hinged sink drawer fronts that have holsters for hairdryer, curling iron, and shavers to keep the counter clear. There are many choices for artistic glass door fronts that will make cabinetry above the toilet an attractive way to store towels or supplies.


Closet Spacing

Cabinetry offers the look of fine furniture and can be designed to meet any need. The bedroom is a great place for built-in seating. A custom bench not only makes getting dressed easier and safer, it has the versatility of providing file storage drawers or a place for keeping bulky blankets. An island can work well in a large walk-in closet too. Closet Systems have come down in price in recent years, and instead of the generic closet rods and shelf, you can have just the right hanging space you need for shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, the shelves for shoes, and drawers for the rest. Perhaps it can eliminate a dresser, freeing up room for a custom desk to sit and primp!


Frequently the same companies that specialize in walk-in closet systems, also offer organizational systems for the garage. It can designed to suit an industrial strength mechanical man-cave, to a serious but simple space for the outdoor equipment enthusiast. Drawers, shelves, hanging clips can get tools and supplies in logical places for easy retrieval. By turning your garage into an orderly and efficient storage area, it can set the tone that you’re glad to be home!

Take a closer look at your home. Ask your home improvement professional about storage options that will work for you.


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