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"In talking to area inspectors for referrals for a contractor to build our 1500 sq foot pool house, all spoke highly of Cook Remodeling.  They use highly qualified employees and subs, and have never been happier with the quality of construction.  We would not hesitate to recommend Cook Remodeling"

Ron & Denise D.
Pool House in Chandler, AZ 

Summer may feel far away but before you know it, warm temperatures will be here, and so, too, will be the need to find ways to keep cool. Because pool water is lower than our body’s temperature, it offers a means to exercise and enjoy the outdoors despite the hot weather. A swimming pool can provide a lifetime of happy memories, but before you dive in and have one installed, or remodeled, there are a few important factors to consider:

How will you use your pool?
Answering this question is key to getting maximum enjoyment from your investment. Will your pool be used primarily for swimming laps, or will it be a play haven for kids needing a deep end and diving board? Will you want to play volleyball or basketball at times? Adjacent to the pool, are you going to want more of a tanning deck, or shaded sitting area for supervising adults? If you anticipate using your pool a lot, you may want to use solar power to heat the water to extend its use. You also may want a chlorine free system. Considering the path of the sun, where would be the best place to plan submerged seating?

Do you have the space?
Consider space needed for the pool, the walkways, the deck to soak in the sun and sit nearby, screening the pool equipment, fencing requirements, and any extras like a slide. Shade can be desirable, but you will not enjoy the location if there is a tree that sheds lots of leaves that would fall into the pool. Other factors to consider are: can one easily access a bathroom in a wet suit? How will it fit in with the home and yard’s overall design and flow?

Do you entertain often?
Your pool is likely to be the center of many social events, so choosing the sufficient size pool and area around the pool is important. Will you want it to look like nature with earth tones and a nontraditional shape, or bright playful colors in a traditional shape? Will you want a waterfall feature, or night lighting? Will there be sufficient space to sit down and eat, or for an outdoor kitchen? You don’t want the pool to be bigger than it needs to be and crowd out other uses for social activities.

What's your budget?
If you may only be in your home a few years and have a limited budget, an above ground pool will eliminate excavation costs and give you the option of taking it with you when you move. If this is (to be) wyour dream home, clearly define the pool’s use over time, and hire an experienced professional to advise you of your options, and help you design and choose the best products. Take the time to see and talk to owners that are using what options you are considering. Don’t have the regrets of choosing cheaper materials that are harder on your feet, or are harder to maintain, and don’t last as long. Understand exactly what the quoted price includes. Knowing your budget can help you decide on any extra features as well, such as a pool leveler.

Are you okay with your yard being destroyed by heavy equipment during construction?
Do you have mature trees that will need to be removed? Can construction equipment easily reach the proposed pool area?

Can you handle the responsibility of a pool?  
Operating, cleaning, and maintaining a pool takes some effort and money. Of course pools are awesome family fun, but they can also be a lot of work. Are you prepared to commit the time and energy necessary to keep a pool running smoothly all year long? If all signs suggest a pool is in your future, then get ready to make a splash and start exploring your options today!


“A happy heart makes a face cheerful.”  Proverbs 15:13 

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