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You have gotten that book that you've been looking forward to reading for weeks.  When you finally find some time for yourself, do you have a place at home where can you comfortably curl up and enjoy your new find with no distractions?  The sun room is too bright and noisy, the living room gets too much traffic, the bedroom is for sleep.  Maybe now’s the time to create that new library space you’ve been dreaming about! 

Ahhh, a personal library.  A place to enrich and develop yourself, to keep learning and growing.  A room to get away from electronics and escape into a good book.  Think cozy leather chair, soft blanket, soothing lighting, and rich-colored walls. The quiet space can also be a great place for prayer and meditation too.  The first step, of course, is picking a room to utilize.  Since this space will be used to house precious books, mementos, even artwork, consider their safety and well-being – no attics, basements, or other areas with potential for bugs or moisture.  And while light is good, too much can actually harm books and artwork.

Next, your library needs shelving. Bookshelves can be floor to ceiling, glass-enclosed, recessed or hanging. Did you know bookshelves can be made to be a hidden door?  Do you have special, odd sized items you want to display?  How do you want to access and store magazines?  When specifying the lower cabinets, consider who will be using the library – are there little ones who need lower access, or older family members who can't bend easily?  Do you want to include a desk and file drawers in the room as well? 

Maybe you have a limited collection and don’t need a lot of shelf space for books.  Use pictures, trophies, vases, and collectibles to add a personal touch. Perhaps you want a focal point of the Bible in a dedicated space to encourage its use. You can get creative with book themes:  Mysteries?  Accessorize with a magnifying glass.  A hand trowel can symbolize a Gardening section.  Represent Travel Resources with a model jet, a bird statue, or seashell to represent nature.  Love stories?  Get a heart box.  Get creative and let the space really reflect your personality and what energizes you and brings you joy.

Your goal is to make a home library so inviting that you (and your guests) will want to stroll through, pick up the perfect book, and just sit down and relax.


By wisdom is a house built, by understanding is it made firm;
And by knowledge are its rooms filled with every precious and pleasing possession.  Proverbs 24: 3-4

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