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You managed to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday and a house full of guests, but as you prepare for the next round over the Christmas season, you're realizing that a remodel is in order for 2012.  You arrived at this decision more for increasing the functionality and enjoyment of your home, rather than an increased resale value (although that's definitely a bonus!). Its time to make your home new again. Having family and friends in the house often brings to mind ways you can make your place more cozy and usable, and make your life easier. Now is a great time to start thinking about a renovation, while the areas that need improvement are still fresh in your mind.

For instance, when the extended family is over, your home's current layout may have a group of family members negotiating a living room full of extra chairs and tables, kids in a bedroom playing a game, a few hungry folk in the kitchen sampling appetizers and trying to stay out of your way. Everyone is separated, and not as relaxed--and you want to gather people together! Think about opening up the space so you have more room for everyone to feel comfortable. Create a new floor plan that will provide a large, warm area that everyone can share and be involved.

Maybe you are cooking for twenty in a kitchen built for two. How can you make it more efficient and user-friendly for preparing large meals? What about turning a wall into a half-wall with countertop? For even more space, you might consider adding a kitchen island which offers more storage, countertop space, seating, and can even provide an extra sink! Instead of just one oven, why not have two stacked on top of each other in the wall so you don't have to bend over? Tired of carrying pots back and forth to the sink? Add a pot-filler over the stove.

With inadequate space for entertaining, you could have people huddling outside for a break because they feel claustrophobic, and you might be among them! Consider bumping out the living room space into the back yard area, or enclosing that outdoor patio you never use, or if you do like the patio, create an outdoor room with in-floor radiant heating for extended use.

What can you offer overnight guests?  A couch or inflatable mattress on the floor? You can remodel the den or home office with a murphy bed that's hidden and out of the way when not needed.  If you have the lot space, you can add a guest house so you both can enjoy more privacy. Are there any nooks in your home where a half-bath might also be added to accommodate more guests?

Take a closer look at how your home is working for you and against you as you gather with family and friends. Make a wish list and call your design-build contractor to develop a plan. Put into action your remodeling goals in 2012!


Behold...I bring you good tidings of great joy.    Luke 2:10


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