You’ve been making do in a kitchen that is cramping your style. Celebrations like Thanksgiving only magnify its limitations!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a kitchen that’s ready before the holidays?  If you want to have a kitchen that makes your life easier, and in time to have a beautiful place to enjoy family and friends, the time to start is now. Follow these steps to get it done in time to give thanks!

A good place to get started is defining what you want for your kitchen. From country to contemporary, from basic cook to professional chef and everything in-between, you want your experience to reflect your style and need. There is no better way than to gather photos that communicate what would be your dream kitchen.  This used to be challenging trying to find books and magazines that had enough examples to illustrate the results you want.  Now it can be done online easily!  A favorite place is Pinterest.  You can set up your own account, and set up “boards” to “pin” pictures onto.  You can do a search of “kitchen” and look through the photos that come up.  You can save the ones you like, you can even click on the “pinner” to see if they have more that you’d like to gather.  Or better yet, we’ve done the work for you!  We are continually searching for good kitchen designs and have gathered photos of, Wow Kitchens, with Island, and Wow Kitchens, No Island that will help you get started.  Not only does a picture says a thousand words, it can help you realize what elements are a must for yours.

Next, think about how you use your kitchen, and gather thoughts about what you’d like to change about it.  Do you want to facilitate eating at home more?  Socializing and entertaining more?  Do you enjoy pot-luck served buffet style, or a meal served at the table? Do you want your kitchen open and engaging, or more secluded? Do you want it roomy enough for multiple cooks?  Do you need more storage? A walk-in pantry? A bigger and more efficient refrigerator? Would you like to have a computer desk nearby? 

Determine a target budget range for your project and think about what elements are a must have, versus a want.  This will help the professional kitchen designer develop your project to fit within your budget, and guide you through selections. The biggest visual impact for a kitchen are the cabinets. A significant impact on the function of a kitchen can be the appliances. Remember to consider if you want to have the upgrade of having the oven at waist level. Strategies such as capturing an adjacent formal dining room for space would be less expensive than an addition.  Reconfiguring a kitchen and having to move plumbing and electrical lines will increase the cost of your project, but may be needed to achieve your goals. 

A newly remodeled kitchen is definitely a highly prized home improvement that will make a difference when its time to sell your home. Not only may you recoup most of your investment, the best part will be the time you get to enjoy it yourself!


People must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good...  Titus 3:14

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