Maybe you are interested in a full-scale home remodel or some smaller renovation projects around the house. Here are some affordable upgrades that will give you a good return on your investment.

Let’s start at the bottom and work up. The floors. They take the brunt of our abuse, are scratched and scuffed. You may not need to replace your hardwood, just have it refinished. Old, faded, matted carpet should be replaced. Do you have small tile? Perhaps a larger tile made from natural stone will give you a timeless update.  The price of stone tile has dropped significantly, and can even be less than ceramic.

Trim gets equally, if not more so, beat up. New, higher baseboards, or at least a fresh coat of paint can make a room look less dingy. For added style, have wainscoating, a chair rail, and/or crown molding installed. They provide a wow factor and visual interest yet are not costly.

In the kitchen a bright new backsplash will pop. You do not need expensive tiles, focus on the look and color to add some dimension. Perhaps have a kitchen island be a wow focal point, and have it designed to meet your needs.

Countertops are critical in the look and feel of a kitchen. They can add a luxurious touch, or create a dated, ho-hum appearance. Simply getting new counters can make a significant difference, and while they can be pricey, you will probably get almost all of the return on your investment if and when you sell. If you need to replace cabinets soon, plan on doing that at the same time, otherwise you will be replacing the countertops again when you put in new cabinetry. Cabinetry has dropped in price over the years, and you can get high quality cabinetry that will last for a long time.

Moving to the bathroom, upgrading the fixtures will provide a refresh. You may want to replace the vanity to get a furniture look. Save on water by getting a watersense certified toilet. Pendant lighting can add a nice intimate touch.  Medicine cabinets are becoming a must have for homeowners.  Also popular is havng a groutless walk-in shower with a Tornado Body Dryer.

Energy efficiency upgrades  - be it new windows, doors, heating/cooling system or appliances -  will result in an investment that gains the immediate benefit of savings, plus a great selling point.

When deciding on home remodeling, not everything has to be a huge change. Take time to gather pictures on Pinterest for ideas of the design details you want to have in your home. Sometimes smaller scale upgrades can make all the difference.  


As we have opportunity, let us do good. Galatians 6:10

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