Rather put up with another hot summer with inefficient windows that let the air conditioning escape, why not consider replacing them? New windows not only can lower your home’s energy costs, but also increase its value and curb appeal. Green home improvements are a popular investment in the home that can quickly pay for itself in utility savings.

Deciding on the right window will require answering some key questions. First, take a look at the space and decide what the window needs to do for the room. Is it a space where you want full natural light? Or is it a bedroom, library, or closet that you want to transform from being dark to light? What about a room that requires more privacy and needs to be protected from noise outdoors? Is this is a room where you entertain, watch television, or work on your computer? You will want to make sure that the window does not cause glare on screens or excessive heat for electronics.

When choosing a window, you must consider a choice of materials – vinyl, aluminum, wood, clad wood, and fiberglass – and this choice will affect maintenance efforts, efficiency, weight, cost, and how the windows will look in your home. When looking at costs and considering what to buy, also look at the warranty, cost of installation, maintenance and cleaning needs, and how long the window will last. You also need to think about how the windows will affect your heating and cooling costs.

With so many variables and options, it is wise to consult a remodeling professional. As with most projects, the task is always harder than it appears to be and the installation also has to be perfect or else all your investment in energy efficiency goes, ahem, right out the window. 


For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of the light. Ephesians 5:8

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