The outside of your home sets the expectation (either good or bad) of what it’s like inside. Does your home look well cared for and reflect a pride and gratitude in ownership? If you are selling, its curb appeal can be the difference between a potential buyer wanting to see the inside of your home, or not. Not selling? You still want to pay attention to your home's appearance. The look of your home and the attractiveness of your neighborhood helps to maintain home values for everyone. You could inspire neighbors to take better care of their home too!

Let’s start with the yard. Take an objective look as if you hadn't seen your home before.  Are there weeds? Plants that need replacing? Do you need more crushed rock? Could it use some mounding and river rock weave for visual interest? How about plants to offer the pop of color? Trees can offer a microclimate to protect the area from the heat of direct rays of the sun.  Make sure you choose native species who thrive in the local climate. To add more character to the yard, consider adding landscaping elements such as a seating area, grouped shrubs that attract wildlife like humming birds or butterflies, and perhaps some sculptures.

Paving is also a great way to give your home its own unique style. Emphasize the pathways that approaching guests use to get to your front door with natural stone pavers or exposed aggregate concrete. You can also add exterior lighting along those pathways for the dual purpose of keeping your guests safe as well as highlighting your home at night.

And of course, one of the biggest statements your house can make is with your front door, the investment is well worth it. Make sure that your door accentuates the style of your home, and is itself well-maintained from the paint all the way to the door handles and hinges. In addition, make sure that your street facing windows are clean and well maintained and match the style of your house and front door. Is your roof in good shape? Check your house’s facia too; is it in need of paint or replacing? Are there any cracks in your exterior walls that need repair? Weather and settling is wear and tear on the house.

Whether you are preparing to sell or planning to stay in your home for years to come, ensuring your home has great curb appeal will always pay off. And now that warmer weather is here, this is your chance to spend some time focusing on your home’s first impression.

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