Everyone needs a place and space to call their own, and it is popular to remodel the garage to reflect the personal lifestyle of the owners. It is smart to make the best use of a space you all ready have! Besides, the start of the experience of our home is when we pull into the garage. Is it chaotic and cluttered? Compared to the house, does it seem unfinished or mismatched? Make the garage a man cave as special as the Dad! It may even inspire him to do more with everything with a place, and a place for everything.

The first step for a garage remodel may be decluttering. Get a buddy to help you keep moving and firm about letting go what you are not using and don't need, "just in case." Sort everything into three piles, one for trash, one for donation, and one for keeps. It can be motivating to realize if you aren't using something, you can pass it along for someone who does need it. With the purge, you are ready to see what you need for storage.

Remember to think long term lifestyle changes. Maybe you are busy now with kids or work, what would you like to do when you're not working full time? Do you have a hobby that you want to pursue like building and flying mini planes? Building dollhouses or grandfather clocks for charity auctions? Refinishing furniture? Restoring antiques? Becoming a master gardener? Would you need a sink? Ventilation? A fan or other space conditioning? How much countertop work space? How many outlets for tools? Will you need room for a table saw? Would you want a TV? Plan for adequate lighting.

Consider investing in sturdy steel gauge cabinetry to tuck away tools, hardware, and other items on shelving behind closed doors for a clean, tidy look. Have a multi drawer cabinet for tools on wheels that you can roll where you need, and out of the way to create a place to sit at the counter and work. You could brace the lower cabinets and hang them on the wall up off the floor to make the garage seem larger. Do you need a recycling center?

Have in mind the bigger items that you want room to store behind doors such as: golf clubs, water softener salt, pet food, coolers, shop vac, and the like.  How do you want to store occasional use items like Christmas lights, outdoor holiday decorations, frost blankets, camping gear? Is there something in the house you'd find a place for, like an ice cream maker, ice bucket, Christmas dishes? Also consider what you would like to store in a locked cabinet for peace of mind such as toxic cleaners, paints and solvents, adhesives, pool chemicals, etc. that you would not want a child to have access to.  

Its best to keep things tucked away, but some things are best being hung on a wall storage system. Items like bicycles, kayak or canoe, life vests, ladder, garden hose and lawn tools, wheel barrel, and skis to name a few. You may want a peg board behind the counter to hang the items frequently used, like a hammer, drill, clamps, and long items like a level, and items that you shouldn't be fishing around in a drawer for, like sharp hand tools. You may want to plan to use a corner for a compressor, or perhaps a folding chair stash, or shop broom and mop.

For the full treatment, you may want to make the floor easy to care for and have a finished showroom quality appearance. The most popular concrete covering is an epoxy floor coating. You can pick a favorite color combination for a long lasting textured finish that is easy to clean and will last for years.

Last but not least, plan for a fire extinguisher station that is visible and easily accessible.


Christ is faithful as a son over God's house. And we are His house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast.  Hebrews 3:6

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