When it comes to upgrades around the house, savvy homeowners look for ways that will provide the best value on their investment. Whether you plan on selling in the near future, or simply want a new look and feel, here are some areas to focus on when considering upgrades:

Kitchen & Bath. Realtors express time and time again that beautiful kitchens and baths are what truly make a home outstanding. Upgraded efficient appliances, low maintenance countertop surfaces, quality cabinets and fixtures make a big impact on buyers. Stainless steel appliances remain more popular than basic white or black, and granite or engineered stone countertops are preferred instead of laminate. Other popular must-haves are a kitchen island and walk-in pantry, which both offer ample storage. Walls should not block off the views from the great room to your kitchen. That would be like hiding a gem!

Views. Changing up wall colors or adding an accent wall can bring a whole new energy to a room, but keep in mind that bold paint colors may be harder for potential buyers to appreciate. In addition to a pop of bright color in smaller rooms, ample natural light makes for good living spaces. Energy efficient windows are considered standard, for they save on utility costs.

Flooring. Replacing faded or worn carpets with hardwood, tile or luxury vinyl flooring can be beneficial in many ways. They are easier to clean, offer a more refined and sophisticated look, and are actually quite affordable to install. Bamboo is an especially popular option, as it is cheaper than hard wood and is considered more environmentally friendly. More and more homeowners are steering away from carpet, although it is still acceptable for bedrooms.

Curb Appeal. The curb appeal of your house can be thought of as the first impression to potential buyers. Exterior upgrades can include a dramatic front entry door, stucco with stone veneer. Strategic landscaping that offers color, with trees to scale of the home that creates shade will suggest that it is an extraordinary home!

All of these upgrades offer dramatic improvements to the experience of your home and help market it for a higher price when it is time to sell. It is smart to remodel your home to be more inviting and enjoyable place to live!

You, O Lord keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.  Psalm 18:28

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